Iris Ritter von Fallois

Iris Ritter von Fallois, Director of International Relations for the Grande École and MBA programs

Director of International Relations for the Grande École and MBA programs

As a leading European business school, HEC Paris also strives to develop internationally. Thanks to its three networks of associated faculties (the CEMS and the PIM, co-founded by HEC, along with the GNAM, founded by Yale University), today students benefit from a uniquely international education in Management, with access to 114 world-leading international partners, among which include Georgetown University, Wharton University, Tsinghua, Fudan, National University of Singapore and the University of Southern California.

What role does internationalism play at HEC Paris today?

The international experience offered by HEC to its students essentially begins from the very first day that they arrive in September. Students are met by a thoroughly international campus with a mix of nearly 100 nationalities throughout the accommodation, classes, societies and sports clubs. They hear every language being spoken around them, and have the chance to meet new people from every continent every day; as well as taking advantage of discovering new cultures and new ways of life. Of course the international experience that HEC Paris offers to its students goes well beyond just this aspect, but we don’t always realise to what extent this campus is already no longer completely France, but rather a melting pot of our planet’s cultural riches!

Is it possible to do two different academic exchanges in two different overseas universities over the course of one degree?

Yes, absolutely! In addition to the option of internships, which can be done either completely or partly in a foreign country, HEC also offers many opportunities to go abroad in the M2 year, through three different channels: the MEP, (Master’s Exchange Program), the CEMS degree, and finally through the international double degrees. With the MEP, the students spend one semester on the HEC campus and then one semester at the partner institution studying a world class MBA program. Such as: Cornell University, UCLA, Duke University or Fudan. The CEMS degree is jointly delivered by HEC Paris along with 28 other international business schools, all of a leading standard within their respective countries. The students who select this pathway in M2 will equally spend a semester on campus at HEC and a semester at the heart of a CEMS institution of their choice. For example, Tsinghua in Beijing, NUS in Singapore, Sydney in Australia, FGV in Brazil or Ivey in Canada. Finally, the students who opt for an international double degree spend one whole year at the heart of the partner university and are consequently considered graduates of both establishments. All in all, without even taking internships into account, the students who are particularly interested in going abroad have the chance to spend up to half of their degree in another world-leading university overseas.

What are the possibilities for international double degrees at HEC Paris?

We offer three families of international double degrees: in Management, Public Affairs and in Management & Business Law. In Management, HEC students get the possibility to be recognized as graduates of prestigious institutions such as MIT in the United States and Keio in Japan, as well as many options of renowned European institutions including St Gallen in Switzerland, ESADE in Spain, Bocconi in Italy and TUM in Germany.

We have also developed a double degree with each of the BRIC countries, as these are particularly attractive for our graduates; with FGV in Brazil, GSOM in Russia, IM Ahmedabad in India and Tsinghua in China. Furthermore, in Public Affairs, we give our students the chance to earn a degree from MGIMO in Moscow and from Freie Universität in Berlin. Finally, in Business Law, we offer a double degree with the prestigious University of Georgetown Law School in the United States.

Students from MGIMO in double degree