Angelica De Giorgis

Angelica De Giorgis

MiM Grande Ecole

Class of 2017


from Bocconi University

Market Research intern at Mergermarket

I completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University in Milan. During this period I had an internship at Mergermarket, an M&A predictive intelligence in London. I graduated with the highest grades, and then my inclination to excellence and my looking at challenges as opportunities drove me to the Grande École programme at HEC Paris.

Recognized for excellence

I chose the MiM program because of its strong reputation as one of the best programs in Europe (ranked 2nd Master in Management worldwide by the Financial Times), and because it balances high-level theoretical knowledge with practical skills, thanks to the unique structure of its curriculum: it offers the possibility to take a gap year within the two-year program, providing students with a great chance to try out a business sector before committing to it. HEC combines distinguished quality education, strong networking culture and a great program. Simply put: it offers excellence.

Forming diligent individuals

The demanding academic schedule has enhanced my being proactive and my ability to deal with multiple tasks in a time-constrained environment. Besides, I have had the opportunity to work with companies on real-life consultancy projects and live cases. This program is indeed very well-known for its excellent relations with companies in all sectors and boast a high rate of placement of its students, especially in sectors such as Finance and Consulting.

An enriching student experience

What I particularly appreciate here at HEC is the huge variety of activities available to students. There are continually networking events and career service workshops; conferences about various current issues; part-time jobs and internship opportunities. The associative life on campus is very rich and lively: I am a member of three associations, and I co-founded a fourth one after a few weeks at HEC.
Another key feature is the high degree of internationalization of classes: having top-level peers from all over the world is incredibly stimulating. Furthermore, campus life creates a sense of identity and team spirit that make me proud to be part of the “HEC family”: I have made brilliant friends and I am sure I will keep these relations once I finish my Master.
In the future, I aim to be in a managerial role in a multinational company and effectively operate in this ever-changing and cross-cultural business environment. My short-term career goal is to take on challenging tasks and to do my best to find a position where I can use my well-rounded characteristics, my competences and my experiences, in order to give a meaningful contribution to the company I work for.

Published on March 20, 2016