Anja Riester

Anja Riester

MiM Grande Ecole

Class of 2017


from CBS (Copenhagen Business School)

Financial Services Deal Advisory intern at KPMG

This “HEC spirit” of being one family in which you feel fully supported is certainly the best part of the program

I first came across HEC when during my undergraduate at Copenhagen Business School. A friend of mine had just returned from her CEMS semester at HEC and was full of positive stories about the great community of HEC, the career services and the boost in employability.

An international ambition

At Copenhagen Business School, my studies equally focused on both management science and language and cultural studies in the English- and Spanish-speaking world. International mobility has always been a key aspect of my career and by graduating from my Bachelor; I had already lived in six countries on three continents. Besides this, I had always been keen to explore different sectors and did internships in consulting, financial services, start-ups and international development.

Consequently, when I applied for Master’s programs in Europe, internationality was a prerequisite from the onset. In addition, I had three main learning objectives: First, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the financial and strategic topics that I had come across during my internships. Second, I wanted to have some guidance on how to put all the pieces of my previous experiences together to create my own career path. And finally, I was curious and intrigued by the thought of getting to know another country and learning a new language.

A flexible curriculum

HEC ticked all of these boxes but what finally convinced me was the high flexibility of the program in terms of specializations, time for internships and additional courses and certificates, which is truly unique compared to similar Masters. The foundation phase in M1 has equipped me with important skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects and made me discover what I wanted to focus on in my M2. This was complemented by the great career service, as I was lucky to be selected for one-to-one coaching programme, which really helped me exploring my strengths and interests for my future career. One highlight has definitely been the FACT Impact elective – a real world consulting project in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship, for which I am currently working in Chile this summer.

Invaluable global contacts

However, HEC’s most valuable asset without doubt is its vast and diverse student body of people from literally all over the world and very different backgrounds. Working, studying and living with all these people on the campus together creates not only a great learning experience but also bonds and a professional network that will last way longer than one semester. This “HEC spirit” of being one family in which you feel fully supported is certainly the best part of the program.

All in all, HEC has so far fulfilled my learning objectives and given me a network of inspiring, ambitious and talented peers all over the world. The combination of all these aspects is already helping me now to pursue a career in management consulting with a focus on international development and innovation.