Ariel Sbdar

Ariel Sbdar

MiM Grande Ecole

Class of 2016


from Torcuato di Tella University

Working in Sales & Trading for Allaria Ledesma & Cia. S.A., Paris

Every path towards one’s dream career is unique and therefore every student is able to build their own degree

I was born in a small town called Corrientes, in the north of Argentina. When I was 18 years old I moved to Buenos Aires to study economics at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. After spending 4 years studying in Argentina, I realized that if I wanted to lead a successful professional career, I needed to improve my understanding of how business works on a world-wide level.

The presence of HEC Paris alumni

I soon discovered how prestigious HEC Paris was from researching the most relevant international corporations and I learned that the majority of their CEOs studied at HEC Paris. I was excited by the prospect of sharing classes with the most talented young people from all around the world and realizing how they could further my passion and understanding of business.

A platform for innovative ideas

During my first year at HEC Paris, I co-created BUILD, which was an entrepreneurship association on campus aimed at helping students to develop their own company. BUILD was a great success at HEC Paris and was an important part of campus life. Additionally, the association expanded worldwide and is now achieving its goals in 6 different cities in the world with a total involvement of more than 1000 students. The creation of this remarkable network was one of the most valuable skills I learned at HEC Paris, where even in a foreign country with no connections whatsoever, I was able to persuade people to follow a common goal.

An ideal start for a successful career

The most valuable thing about the Master in Management is that it has a very open and flexible program. Every path towards one’s dream career is unique and therefore every student is able to build their own degree. As for me, I spent my first year at HEC Paris where I learned the basics of markets, corporate finance, management and strategy. After completing my first year at HEC, I moved to Israel to start my internship experience. Firstly, I worked as a Research Associate Intern at Rafael Development Corporation, the most prestigious Private Equity firm operating in the military technology sector of Israel. I evaluated Rafael’s defense technology solutions through meetings, discussions and analysis with the technology experts of each area, and assessed their applicability to the civilian market by conducting both financial and technological viability analysis. Secondly, I moved to Buenos Aires to work for Allaria Ledesma, the largest local brokerage firm of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. In Allaria I worked as a fixed income trader and private wealth advisor. Finally, after completing my internships, I decided that I wanted to further add to my international experience so I selected the International Business specialization in M2 and spent 5 months studying in The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I specialized in Corporate Finance.
After completing my MiM degree, I will come back to Argentina to profit from new market deregulation that will boost takeover and mergers appetite from companies and private equity firms. Ultimately, my goal is to start my own investment fund aimed at financing b-corporations operating in emerging markets, specifically Latin America.