Collette Rothe

Collette Rothe

MiM Grande Ecole

Class of 2016


from University of Michigan

Project Manager at Google

I have formed such a vast personal and professional network during my 2 years at HEC Paris that truly spans the globe

I obtained a double BA in Environmental Studies and International Studies from the University of Michigan in 2012. After graduating, I worked as an account manager at a large logistics company before deciding to change paths and attend HEC Paris for my Masters in Management in 2014.

A truly global reputation

When I was first exploring the MiM programs in Europe, the international mobility and international recognition of the school was a major factor in my decision. As an American coming to Europe for my business degree I wanted the confidence that I would have the ability to start my career in any sector and anywhere in the world, whether that be back in the U.S., in Europe, or elsewhere. It was clear to me that HEC Paris provides a truly international environment, bringing top students, professors, and professionals from all over the world to campus to share learnings and experiences with each other in a perfect mix of theory and practice.

A unique curriculum

The Master in Management (Grande École) program was particularly interesting for me since it's a 2-year master program, different from many other MiM programs. Having the ability to start with a year of courses in general management to make up for my lack of business background was very attractive. This first year (with the possible gap year for internships) followed by the opportunity to choose a major in my desired specialization during my second master year, was my ideal path to obtain a robust business and management background while exploring possible career paths.

A variety of perspectives

The main program highlight for me is definitely the international student body. My classmates have all come from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds which creates such a dynamic and rewarding experience inside and outside the classroom. I have formed such a vast personal and professional network during my 2 years at HEC that truly spans the globe.

Impactful extra-curricular opportunities

Joining the HEC Business Game (HBG) team during its foundation year in 2014, and taking over as president during the 2015-16 school year, has definitely been the most impactful undertaking for me both personally and professionally during my time at HEC. I have made lifelong friends and memories as part of the organizing team, as well as developed crucial management tools ranging from leadership and communication skills, to pitching and project management experience. It has been such a rewarding opportunity to promote HEC Paris to international students, while enhancing HEC's campus life. We plan for the HBG to be sustained well into the future, growing in both size and prestige.

After HEC I hope to start my career in a mature tech company, or a tech startup, working in business development or project management. Ultimately, I would like to start my own technology venture in the not too distant future.