Paul Manigault

Paul Manigault

MIM Grande Ecole, International Finance Specialization

Class of 2017


from french Classes Préparatoires

Financial Analyst at Amiral Gestion

The learning opportunities and the networking events exceeded my expectations!

When I was in high-school I developed a passion for financial markets. Although at that time I had no clear idea about my future career path, I was reading financial newspapers and following a few listed companies. After high-school, I did two years of preparatory classes prior to joining HEC Paris for a Master in Management (Grande Ecole  program). After internships in Equity Research at Société Générale, Sales & Trading at BNP Paribas and Asset Management at Moneta, choosing the International Finance specialization for my final year at HEC was next the logical step in order to improve my technical knowledge and to find a relevant job. The learning opportunities and the networking events exceeded my expectations!

Outstanding academic program

 Initially I was impressed by the outstanding quality of the different classes and the experienced teachers. The program also offers a wide range of electives that meet different professional ambitions. I appreciate the fact that many teachers combine solid academic skills with a business experience. The classes are illustrated with concrete examples and are perfectly designed to match the job market’s requirements. For instance during the class “Financial Engineering and Derivative Products” the pricing of complex structured products was always illustrated with practical examples and Excel spreadsheets. The professor also invited HEC alumni working in Sales, Trading or Structuring, to discuss real-life examples of derivative products and to help prepare for job interviews.

Building a unique network

 In addition to the excellent learning opportunities, HEC Paris offers countless ways to meet alumni from the finance industry. Firstly the London Business Trip at the beginning of September is insightful in preparing applications for summer internships or full-time jobs: advice is offered by HR and HEC alumni, you discover the specific culture of leading banks and hedge-funds and the day-to-day activity of experienced professionals. The HEC Finance Forum in October is another opportunity to network and to get a chance to be fast-tracked. Throughout the year from early September, the MIF students also benefit from CV workshops, tailor-made career advice, mock interviews, daily market news and job offers. Different recruiters organise networking events on campus during the year and a training session on Bloomberg was organised at the end of this year.  

Moreover the quality of the student body creates a stimulating and collaborative environment for both job applications and academic projects.

Asset Management in Paris

 The MiM specialization in Finance is a perfect fit for students looking for jobs in the financial market. I am due to start a full-time job as a buy-side financial analyst at Amiral Gestion in Paris and I can measure the benefits of the program already from the interview process, with regards to both technical aspects and soft skills. My future job will involve financial and strategic analysis of listed companies, valuation of different stocks or bonds, onsite visits and meeting with management.