Introduction to 21st Century Energy Challenges

The main aim of this course is to introduce current themes in the energy markets, by combining a view of the stakes for business as well as opportunities perceived by institutions and the public.

This course is certified SnO (HEC Paris Society & Organizations Center)

Course Objectives

The class should help HEC students to:

  • Increase their personal knowledge on 6 main themes covering the whole energy landscape, from Oil & Gas to Nuclear power
  • Inform their own convictions about current debates on energy
  • Practice some of the key analytical tools and methodologies used in the industry
  • Experience the day-to-day working environment of energy sector professionals.

Course Content

  1. The nuclear energy in a post-Fukushima world
  2. Oil & Gas: the secrets of oil pricing
  3. The green paradox and the challenges of Renewable energy
  4. The electricity markets in Europe and the impact of deregulation
  5. Oil & Gas: myths and realities of shale gas
  6. The smart grids: customer benefits and business reality.