Leading Organizations

This course explores three different perspectives on organizations that will help you understand issues involved in both managing and being managed at work.

We all develop our own understanding of what organizations are and how to act effectively as organizational members. However, our understanding is often limited by our current position, functional area, or individual interactions and experiences with other organizational members. A narrow view can lead to costly misunderstandings and damaging managerial decisions.

In this class, we seek to enhance your understanding by studying the human aspects of organizations. More specifically, we look at organizations through the lenses of design, power, and culture. Each lens provides explanations of why some organizations flourish whereas others collapse, and why people within organizations behave the way they do. We will discuss the managerial implications of each lens and provide you with the skills and tools to thoroughly diagnose organizational problems and to tackle them with the appropriate actions.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how organizations work from a design, power and cultural perspective
  • Understand the human aspect within organizations, how people’s beliefs, interests, and interactions shape managerial decisions and organizational actions
  • Diagnose organizational problems from different perspectives and tackle them with appropriate actions
  • Develop your competence in navigating through organizational life while avoiding the typical pitfalls.

Course Content

  1. Introducing the three lenses
  2. Organizational design
  3. Organizational culture
  4. Power
  5. Social networks