Double degree with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

HEC students enrolled in the HEC Paris-IIMA’s double degree program will have access to more than a hundred of electives.

HEC Paris’ students following the double degree with IIMA will undertake the second year of the curriculum, which is made up of electives.

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The Curriculum

HEC Paris’ students will have access to a wide range of electives during the second year of the curriculum. These electives consist of in-class courses, often with project components, courses of independent study, exchange programs and intensive field courses, totaling 15.50 - 18.50 credits (310-370 sessions).

The electives are categorized into 13 different subject areas.

Business Policy

  • Foundations of Strategy Consulting
  • Business, Government and Law
  • Business Intellectual Property
  • Dynamics of Framing and Execution of Strategy
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning
  • Leadership, Vision, Meaning & Reality
  • International Business Dispute Resolution
  • International Business
  • Mysteries in Management
  • Technology Strategy for Hi-tech Industries
  • Leadership for Professional Services Firms

Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship

  • Practice of Social Business: Human Centered Problems Solving
  • New Technology Applications, Design and Business Models

Information System

  • Consulting in e-Governance: From Vision to Implementation
  • Digital Inclusion For Development
  • Enterprise Digital Infrastructure
  • ERP Systems: Technology Planning & Implementation
  • Management of Software Projects & Enterprises
  • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization for Decision Making
  • Strategies in the Internet Economy
  • Strategic Management of Information Systems

Center for Management in Agriculture

  • Seminar course on Globalizing and Resurgent India through Innovative Transformation
  • Management of Technology for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Shodh Yatra
  • Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge Networks & Entrepreneurship


  • Communicating Corporate Reputation
  • Difficult Communication
  • Managerial Communication
  • Cultural Identities and Intercultural Communication
  • Media and society: The Economics, Politics, Ethics and Technologies for Mass Communication
  • Intercultural Communication Competence
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills for Leaders
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Communication Skills for Team and Leadership Effectiveness


  • Economics of Organization
  • Economics of Happiness
  • Game Theory and Applications
  • International Trade and Investment
  • International Trade: Theory and Policy
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Labour Markets in Developing Countries

Finance and Accounting

  • Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Microfinance Management
  • Financing of Firms
  • Fixed Income Securities -Credit
  • Fixed Income Securities -Rating
  • Management Control and Metrics for Organisational Performance
  • Futures, Options & Risk Management
  • Fraud Risk Assessment and Government Mechanisms
  • Managing Financial Institutions
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
  • Principles of Transfer Pricing
  • Security Regulations
  • Stochastic Calculus in Finance
  • Strategic Perspectives in Banking
  • Trading Strategies
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Valuation of Firms


  • Advertising & Sales Promotion Management
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Consumer Based Business Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior and Technology
  • International Business and Foreign Market Entry in BRIC Countries
  • Innovation, Live
  • Marketing Management in the World of High Technologies and Innovation
  • Managing Customer Value Delivery
  • Managing Luxury Business
  • Marketing Research & Information Systems
  • Neuroscience and Consumer
  • Pricing
  • Seminar on Brand Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic for Digital Marketing and e-Business
  • Sports Marketing

Organizational Behavior

  • Developing an Entrepreneurship Personality
  • Co-constructing Organizational Changes
  • Developing the Creative Self
  • Explorations in Roles and Identity
  • High Performing Teams: A Journey
  • Power and Politics in Organization
  • Talent Management

Personnel and Industrial Relations

  • Business and Society
  • Business Transformation and Organizational Turnaround
  • Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Systems
  • Human Resource Management in the Service Sector
  • Managing Negotiations
  • Personal Competencies for International HRM
  • Strategic Human Resources Management

Production and Quantitative Methods

  • Advanced Methods of Data Analysis
  • Elephants and Cheetahs: Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks
  • Quantitative System Performance
  • Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing
  • Statistical Methods in Data Analysis
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Strategy

Public System Group

  • Aviation Business Strategies
  • Carbon Finance
  • CSR: Transforming money to impact
  • Disaster Management
  • Environment Management
  • Good Governance & People Living in Poverty
  • Hospital Management
  • Health Insurance
  • Infrastructure Development & Financing
  • Investigating Corporate Social Irresponsibility
  • Managing Sustainability
  • Managing Energy Business
  • Managing Telecom Enterprises
  • Public Policy
  • Public Health Management
  • Public Finance
  • Managing Sustainability
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Social Change
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Urban Economy & Business Environment
  • Strategic Transformation and Change in the Indian Economy
  • Venturing in Health Care

Outside Area Course

  • Bionics
  • Contemporary Film Industry: A Business Perspective
  • Philosophical Foundations of Management
  • Doing Business in India
  • Growth, Equity and Equality