Specialization in International Business

The Specialization in International Business (taught in English) seeks to prepare students for careers in international management. It spans over a full academic year including a semester of courses on campus and a semester with one of the school's academic partners abroad.

It offers students the choice between two Options:

  • The CEMS-MIM Joint Degree 

The Master in International Management, a prestigious supranational business degree that can be acknowledged as the best passport for an international career, is a 1-year program, leading to a diploma delivered by "The Global Alliance in Management Education". The network gathers today 29 top-academic partners from all over the world. The goal of the Specialization is to offer students intense tuition with the perspective of an international career. In terms of content the course is a specialization in international management with all its facets: economics, marketing, finance, strategy, human resources, etc. Students spend one semester at HEC and one semester on exchange at one of the partner institutions. During the program, students are exposed to interdisciplinary problems in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical attitude in lectures, discussions and project work. The CEMS Master in International Management degree is delivered jointly with the HEC Master in Management - Grande Ecole Degree.

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  • Master Exchange Program (MEP) 

The MEP is a one-year specialization and consists in a semester of studies in a graduate program at one of HEC's international academic partners and a certificate (sectorial expertise).
This major awards HEC graduates with the Grande Ecole / Master in Management degree.

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