MS Entrepreneurs Key Features

The MS Entrepreneurs program gives students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the real entrepreneurial world. Students learn the knowledge and expertise at the heart of a rich and dynamic ecosystem and acquire the skills to successfully engage in entrepreneurial projects. 

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Unique and tested teaching methods

The teaching methods employed during the MS Entrepreneurs program rely heavily on the active participation of the business world and on entrepreneurs themselves. Focused and adapted to diverse demands, this program sends dozens of graduates on an entrepreneurial adventure each year. 

Students are thrown headfirst into the world of entrepreneurs, being set real and concrete missions that have a lasting impact on their learning. These experiences are far more informative and enriching, as students are shadowed by executives that pass on not just the essential knowledge to shape their future projects, but the invaluable expertise to succeed. On top of these missions, seminars are taught to develop leadership and formative qualities, as well as a study trip to the Silicon Valley. 

Richly diverse and integrated classes

The diversity of profiles is a key factor to success in all areas of business, as top management teams intend to complement each other and mutually inspire one another. It’s why the MS Entrepreneurs seeks to recruit students from varied backgrounds: one-third from a business/management background, another third from an engineering background, and the rest from a range of academic backgrounds. 

Such a diversity has formed part of the DNA of the program since it was created 40 years ago. The MS Entrepreneurs opens up an intellectual experience to students and an intense and impactful one too, that contributes to the strong sense of community at the heart of the program. 

A wide range of business creations

Each year, almost three-quarters of HEC-Entrepreneur graduates go on to launch their business ideas at the end of the program. 

The diversity of student profiles in the MS Entrepreneur gives way to a large diversity in the businesses created. And success is common place for the entrepreneurs that stem from the MS at HEC: included are some large names such as PriceMinister, Sarenza, and Spartoo, however, the majority of entities continue to grow. 

A dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem

The teaching body of the MS Entrepreneurs is made up not only of HEC Paris professors but of business creators, management professionals in recovering or improving businesses, experts in human relations and leaders reputable for their managerial qualities. Hundreds of CEO’s, court administrators, bankers, senior executives, consultancy firms and professionals in communications also come to share their experiences with students. 

These « practitioner professors » are selected for their teachings abilities, their motivation, and their availability. They play a key role in the running of the program: they deliver mission topics, train students on an academic level but also on a personal level, and actively participate in the evolution of teaching. 

This ecosystem is extended further by the involvement of large corporations throughout the program, including 44 partnering businesses of the HEC Foundation. The trusting relationship established between these French and international businesses and the HEC Foundation is cemented by their active participation and approach to the educational activities of the program, including at numerous events, meetings and recruitment fairs organized on campus.

The Study Trip to the Silicon Valley

The highlight of the Entrepreneurs program is the study trip to the Silicon Valley. It allows students to encounter successful businesses such as Google and Facebook and other small start-ups that are set to become the leading companies of tomorrow.

This week-long trip to California is a particularly inspiring and unforgettable moment for all students.