MS Management de Grands Projets Key features

In Partnership with ISAE, a European leader in higher education and research in the field of aeronautics and space, this program provides the key skills necessary to tackle projects in complex environments.

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An alliance of expertise between HEC Paris and ISAE

ISAE, a global catalyst in development and research in the aerospace industry


ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) is classed as the top European contender in superior education and research in aeronautics and space. ISAE represents 20% of qualified engineers and masters graduates annually in Europe in the aerospace industry.

ISAE continues to develop its reputation worldwide thanks to its prestigious training programs, renowned not only for its teaching force and the excellence of its research but also its highly valuable qualifications, its competence in engineering and management, its business spirit, its international opening and its capacity to grow at the heart of an engaging environment using very advanced technologies.

HEC Paris, an international leader in management

HEC Paris is a world-leading business school, renowned for the quality of its degrees, faculty, and research. HEC Paris consistently achieves leading positions in numerous rankings and has been ranked the #1 Business School in Europe seven out of nine years by the Financial Times. In France, the school tops all the rankings issued by French magazines and newspapers. 

Unique and tested teaching methods

The MS Management de Grands Projets program (large-scale projects management) produces key project players (project leaders, business engineers, project engineers, consultants) but also functional project specialists (buyers, financial, marketing and supply chain managers). 

As well as forming planning techniques, risk assessments, team and financial management and tracking costs, the students of this program undertake very varied roles in fields such as marketing, finance, buying, company strategy, management of innovation and supply chain.

Students admitted from the MS Management de Grands Projets program end up in a number of sectors including, aeronautics, the automobile industry, consulting, pharmaceuticals, transport, luxury, the food industry, media, computing, etc. 

A concrete approach

To actively be a part of and contribute to the big projects, students should possess the following 3 attributes:

  • Technical skills: project management, cost management, risk assessment, compatibility and sound investment choice
  • Managerial skills: strategy, marketing, innovation
  • Behavioral skills: communication, team building, teamwork

The course displays a strong team spirit on both the HEC Paris campus and the ISAE campus, renowned for their excellence and their accessibility to business on an international level, it is also very practically oriented.

The MS Management de Grands Projets is based on three indivisible pillars: 


The Project

Whatever its nature (creating a video game, launching a new perfume, constructing a building…), projects follow a specific method presented in great detail throughout the course. With the help of concrete examples, conferences, and application in groups, students learn to master each step, from writing in their notebook to motivating their teams.

The enterprise

A good understanding of the enterprise and its different functions is invaluable to take part in projects efficiently. Hence the program kicks off with a background in the fundamentals of management that are then integrated into specific projects.

The program addresses information system projects, in particular, industrial projects, supply chain projects and projects on the development of new products, where issues and challenges are carefully studied. The management of innovation is studied in particular depth, like the essential logic of action of both parties involved in a project. The students, therefore, understand the importance of listening skills and adapting to management in all projects.

The International

Classes also take into consideration the growing internationalization of projects. As the most recent projects consist in coordinating and combining not only skills and resources but also multiple enterprises, players involved should be made aware of the diversity of cultures and approaches, in every domain, including practical (finance, production, engineering, and buying…).

All international projects further require mastering concepts such as countries’ risks, regulations for setting up projects, financing, managing multicultural teams, handling calls about international offers and management of international contracts.

In a nutshell, the program distinguishes itself thanks to:

  • The professional mission in a company
  • The collective start-up launching project
  • The variety of project types
  • The strong team spirit in the cohort

Two campuses famous for their dynamism

Campus ISAE

Asides from academic experience, one year spent at the heart of the MS Management de Grands Projects, split between the HEC Paris and ISAE, is enhanced by an animated life on campus.

Defined by multiple iconic events, including forums and meetings with businesses, conferences and debates with some of the most prestigious guests who make headlines across France and the world, artistic events (musical comedies, concerts, expositions…), sporting and cultural competitions, the campuses at HEC Paris and ISAE offer daily the chance to sharpen your mind, enjoy yourself and create a link between the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

More than 4.400 students live on the HEC Paris and ISAE campuses. They bring to life the 270 associations both institutions have to offer (professional clubs, events associations, humanitarian associations, civic associations, artistic associations…). Students make use of the 10 000 m² grounds on a campus of 138 acres close to Versailles and Paris at one, and 22 acre campus close to the city center of Toulouse, on the edge of the Canal du midi (world heritage site of Unesco) at the other.

Grow through sport

Conscious of the importance of sport in the life of the students, HEC Paris and ISAE offer numerous indoor and outdoor facilities on offer. Tennis courts, rugby and football pitches, volleyball courts, indoor pool, climbing wall, athletics tracks, not to mention multi-purpose sports halls used for fencing, dance, weight training, table tennis, cardio training, judo, karate, aerobics, stretching, step dance, yoga, taekwondo and tai chi are accessible to students. Other sports facilities close to campus provide golf, horse riding, squash and water sports.

Flying activities

One of the main advantages of studying at ISAE, is the students are given the opportunity to put into practice their passion for aeronautics with a fleet of 10 two seater planes at their disposal along with instructors, allowing students to pilot a plane, go gliding, paragliding and parachuting.