Key Features

Thanks to its CEMS track, the MSc International Business is a natural choice for those aiming to follow a one-year program with a strong international dimension.


Flexible Curriculum

The wide range of electives and international exposure of the program facilitates the maximum growth for our students and prepares them for the challenges of a steadily evolving, multicultural business world.

HEC does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that is why such a wide variety of options are on offer so that all students can achieve exactly what they desire. Our students can pick from the ‘A La Carte’ courses to direct the focus of their curriculum with regards to their own personal objectives. Additional options like the skills seminars and certificates are also on offer to allow students to develop and hone particular skills as much as they wish. Optional French courses are also available.

Balance between Theory and Practice

At HEC we believe in integrating a ‘hands-on’ element into our curriculum, as well as theory, to create well-rounded students who can easily adapt in the business world. MSc International Business students will benefit from exercising their knowledge in real-life business experiences such as the business project, the study trip and also a professional experience. The application of the theory taught by our top researchers is at the heart of what makes HEC such a unique experience for our students.

International Diversity

With over 40 different nationalities, students at HEC get to benefit from studying with a great variety of cultures, ultimately learning how to work in a truly international environment – an essential component for success in this field. The fantastic diversity is also a key asset when it comes to building one’s professional network, as MIB students come from top institutions from all over the world.

CEMS Master in Management Joint Degree Track


The CEMS track allows students to study abroad in their second semester and to take advantage of the culture and facilities of another renowned institution.

Founded in 1988, CEMS is a unique strategic alliance of 29 world-class academic institutions, 64 corporate partners (multinational companies) and 4 social partners (NGOs). The CEMS MIM offers an outstanding level of cultural diversity, as there are today 9,000 alumni of 85 nationalities, occupying positions at various management levels in a broad range of industry sectors throughout the world ( 


N.B.: Students willing to spend the whole academic year on HEC Paris campus are now advised to apply to the MSc in Strategic Management.