Vladut Nechifor

Vladut  Nechifor

Associate Banker at EBRD, London

MSc in International Finance, Class of 2014. Previously at Academia de Studii Economice din București

HEC Paris provides excellent access to a network of people who are in key positions in top companies and from whom you can seek career guidance.

  • Why did you choose HEC?

Choosing to do a master was a decision I had been thinking of for a long time. I already had some work experience in Big Four Advisory, but I wanted to boost my career to an international level and have the opportunity to explore different career paths. I carefully assessed my decision to do a master by analyzing the risks and returns associated with this investment. I did my research by talking to alumni and by analyzing how several masters would prepare me for my career aspirations. In the end, I was offered admission to the best business schools in France, the UK and Spain. The MSc in International Finance at HEC Paris stood out from all of them for three main reasons.

First, HEC’s reputation is continuously confirmed by rankings and alumni success stories. Also, HEC Paris provides excellent access to a network of people who are in key positions in top companies and from whom you can seek career guidance.

Second, the MIF curriculum provides learning opportunities which are useful in various fields ranging from IBD and consulting to financial markets. Moreover, being able to accurately calibrate my curriculum according to my academic interests and career aspirations was an invaluable opportunity offered by the MIF programme.

Third, the Masters in International Finance is a hands-on programme which helps students develop skills transferable into career situations such as working in teams, presenting complex problems in an easy to grasp way and having an efficient time management.

While deciding to do a master was a tough decision for me to make, choosing the MSc in International Finance at HEC Paris was an obvious choice.

  • What have you gained from the HEC Master of Science (from a personal or professional perspective)?

Being taught by renowned professors and experienced finance professionals, not only prepared me theoretically and practically, but also enchanced my understanding of the recent developments in the finance world.

Also, I had great colleagues from all over the world and the ”HECtic” times we went through sometimes strengthened our relationships. After graduation we continued to meet in London & Paris and made plans to visit each other’s countries (my first stop: India). Another personal gain was discovering the French culture through the many activities organized by the student associations and through the time I spent in Paris and Versailles.

Last, but not least, one of the most important gains from MIF was getting through the recruitment process successfully. I received offers from two top tier investment banks in their London offices. Currently, I work at JP Morgan, in the IB Credit department where I do in-depth analysis of companies in Emerging Markets and I contribute to designing financing solutions for M&A deals, as well as for more vanilla purposes.

  • What are the most significant memories of your year at HEC?

The first thing I remember about those times is joggling with group assignments, job applications, interviews and the events organized by HEC. For example, I particularly remember the exciting assignments on Fixed Income & Derivatives and LBO modelling, as well as the fascinating discussions we had during the classes on Asset Management and Credit Crisis. Other memories that pop-up in my mind refer to the parties on the campus and the trip to Barcelona that our class organized.

  • What advice would you give to students who aspire to subscribe to HEC MSc?

Try to do internships in order to discover which type of job would fit you best, get involved in extracurricular activities and be aggressive in setting your goals. Talk as much as possible with alumni (an easy way to do this is via Linkedin) and prepare your admission application carefully. This will not only help you secure a place at MIF, but also will be a good exercise for your future job applications. Once you get into MIF, continue to be ambitious and just enjoy what might be one of the best years of your life.