Anna Brossa Xicoy

Anna  Brossa Xicoy


Class of 2014


from ESADE Business School

Internship in the Banking and Capital Markets Audit Team at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, New York

I look back on this year and I realize just how much I have grown, not only in a professional and academic level, but also personally

  • You studied and worked in the USA, Asia and Europe. How would you compare HEC Paris culture with your previous experiences?

Before coming to HEC Paris, I had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong for a year (where I did an exchange program in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as well as an internship for 6 months) and to work in New York during a summer. All of these proved to be very enriching -while at the same time significantly different- experiences; and, even though they are all very international cities full of foreigners, each one is unique in terms of professional and academic growth, culture and day-to-day life. Hong Kong, being par excellence the perfect stepping stone to China, was buzzing with energy and willingness to serve as a door for the rest of Asia. New York, with its usual hectic and sense of accomplishment, remains a land of great opportunities. And, finally, in HEC, I got to experience a more European environment by living within the walls of a legendary institution where high-level education, exposure to top companies and the building of a strong network all come together.

  • What were some of the highlights of your Master program?

I think that choosing to go into this Master program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I look back on this year and I realize just how much I have grown, not only in a professional and academic level, but also personally. The program is very well organized so to ensure that you receive valuable insights into the world of finance, by the hand of excellent professors and practitioners while being surrounded by top-level students. Another of the highlights of the program is the exposure you get to companies and the exit opportunities MIF has to offer are beyond compare.

  • The fact to live on campus, did you find it important for personal networking with other students?

Definitely!! The fact that everyone lives on campus makes you spend all your time with other students and so the coherence of the group inevitably becomes extremely strong. For me, one of the most valuable things that I will walk away from HEC with is for sure, the relationships I have made this year.