Carolina Nijssen

Carolina Nijssen


Class of 2017

Half Spanish half Dutch

from École Polytechnique

Business Analyst Intern at McKinsey&Company

The most valuable skill I’ve taken from the MIF is the ability to work in multicultural teams through numerous group assignments on real-life business cases

Prior to HEC, I studied Mathematics and Bioengineering at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and completed two internships in strategy consulting at McKinsey&Company (Madrid & Paris), where I am due to start working as a junior consultant in September 2017.
My engineering background had provided me with compelling analytical capabilities and a very strong scientific comprehension. However, I realized that even though I loved (and love) Science, I was in need of a more robust financial and economic background to become a well-rounded individual.

A flexible curriculum

The MIF program was my first choice because of its absolute flexibility. Indeed, I liked the fact that the Program’s curriculum was suited just as well to engineers and business students – merging different paths into the same classes and allowing us all to benefit from everyone else’s experience and knowledge. In addition, I also found it really interesting that professors at HEC do have different backgrounds, from top-tier researchers, to in-field investment bankers, CEOs or public affairs directors. In that regard, I am convinced that when courses are taught by different profiles it helps students build a stronger theoretical and practical vision of Finance and this, in my opinion, is what sets the MIF program apart from any other program in the world.

Career events and guidance

Although I did not need to find a job/internship while I was at HEC, I found that preparation for those students who needed to find one was impressive. From career workshops, the Finance Fair and plenty of mock interviews, to the London study trip and other numerous networking events.  Placement ratio is extremely high, and we would find out every week that another student had landed a new job or internship with one of the top investment banks.  

A strong group bond

Looking back at my year, I would without a doubt say that the most valuable skill I’ve taken from the MIF is the ability to work in multicultural teams through numerous group assignments on real-life business cases. Although the program can be stressful at times, sharing the experience with other students from around the world helps create a greater bond between members of the MIF program – other fellow students become family. Furthermore, the diversity of students’ backgrounds makes it an even more enriching experience.

Campus life

All in all, coming to HEC was such a great decision. Not only on the academic side but also in terms of extracurricular activities and campus life. Sports are an essential part of my life, and I could not have been happier when I learnt about the HEC female soccer team – I immediately joined and have been enjoying friendship, sports, team spirit and trips across France, as well as playing in exciting international competitions since. This has undoubtedly been a highlight of the year,–, – one of many in what has been so far such an incredible journey!