David Schneider

David Schneider


Class of 2016


from University of St Gallen

CHF Debt Syndicate at UBS Investment Bank


 I look back on this year and I realize just how much I have grown, not only in a professional and academic level, but also personally


After being schooled in the UK I went on to read Economics at the University of St. Gallen. During my time there, I also completed a summer internship at Direct Line Group, an insurance company in London, and a 6-month internship at UBS’ investment bank in Zurich.

 Build on prior experiences

I decided to apply for the MIF program at HEC Paris for numerous reasons. Firstly, whilst reading economics during my undergraduate studies, I became interested in the practical applications of the subject and knew a career in finance would offer me the opportunity to apply some of what I had learned. However, I wanted to improve my knowledge in all aspects of finance before I embarked on this career path and decided that there was no better place to improve my understanding than at a top-ranked institution like HEC Paris.

Hands-on approach

In my opinion, the mixture of practical and theoretical learning is what sets the MIF program apart. Not only are you able to study the theoretical reasons behind strategic decisions in corporate finance but you will also learn the day-to-day skills, such as financial modelling, required to be a corporate finance analyst. Not only is a large emphasis put on teaching the students the theoretical skills required in the job, but the program also seeks to teach the student the practical skills, such as interview etiquette and resume drafting, required to secure the job. 

Finally, what impressed me most about the MIF program was the caliber of the faculty and the students who had graduated from this course in previous years. The international diversity of the student body and the outstanding placement record of the program was also a huge draw and ultimately led me to choosing the MIF at HEC Paris over competing programs.

Form lasting networks

The greatest aspect of the MIF program is the bond that is created between the students which not only extends to social occasions but also to helping each other prepare for interviews and when working on group projects. In my opinion this bond can only be formed by having the students live in such close proximity to each other on campus. The feeling that you will stay in touch with classmates in your social and working life is ever present. Although the program can be stressful at times, the experience is shared with other students and allows for an even greater bond between members of the MIF program. Other program highlights include the study trip to London at the start of the semester where students have the opportunity to network with employees of all the major banks in a short space of time and the mentoring that students receive from MIF alumnus.
I think that choosing to go into this Master program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I look back on this year and I realize just how much I have grown, not only in a professional and academic level, but also personally. Apart from the excellent teaching of practical skills such as interview etiquette and financial modelling, that I will surely use in my professional life, the most valuable skills that I learnt were taught to me by my fellow classmates. With a close social circle representing in excess of fifteen countries, not only is this an excellent global network but also a remarkable opportunity to meet new people and understand different cultures. 

Outside of my studies I also participated in Europe’s largest student case competition. This experience, lasting only two days, taught me skills such as negotiating a real-estate transaction, designing a marketing strategy for well-known consumer products and the importance of good leadership when things seem to be falling apart.

 I’ll be joining a prestigious financial institution as a summer analyst in July 2016 and I’m looking forward to advancing my career there.

Published on March 25, 2016