Hongming Yun

Hongming Yun


Class of 2016


from Fudan University

Banking, PE, Legal assistant at European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

The class composition is much more international than most of the other MSc in Finance programs in the world, giving us the opportunity to benefit from cross-cultural studies and cooperation

Before coming to HEC Paris, I completed my undergraduate studies at Fudan University in China and completed several internships in private equity, transaction banking, and audit. During those internships, I found myself pretty fascinated by the dynamic world of corporate finance, however, I had a limited understanding of this field. Moreover, I was looking forward to studying in a more international environment and finding career opportunities overseas. So I decided to apply for a Master of Finance program.

An invaluable careers exposure

When I finally arrived at the school, I discovered that the program offers much more than I had thought. I quickly found myself in a fast-paced and stimulating environment. There were plenty of career workshops in the first week, and then the exciting London trip. My understanding and awareness of careers in the banking industry was completely renewed. Through talking with alumni and other practitioners, my motivation was strengthened and I became more familiar with which positions might be the most suitable for me.

We most certainly aren’t left to our devices whilst exploring career options. I got support from the faculty, the career service center, and my classmates. The mock interview sessions are particularly helpful as they help me to overcome some common mistakes and have a sense of potential challenges in the interview process. I often collaborate with peers sharing similar career aspirations so that we can practice together, help each other modify CVs and share information.

Looking forward, I hope to secure a full-time position from my summer internship and start my career journey in the field of capital markets. I am sure that the skills and experiences that I gained from HEC Paris will continue to reveal its value in the future.

An unparalleled learning experience

The MIF program at HEC Paris was my top choice because it places a high emphasis on corporate finance, with courses taught by either top-tier researchers or in-field investment bankers. The class composition is much more international than most of the other MSc in Finance programs in the world, giving us the opportunity to benefit from cross-cultural studies and cooperation.

I would say that the most valuable skill that I took from HEC is the ability to think critically in a team context. We had a lot of group study assignments. It is fun to work with classmates from so many varying backgrounds. Sometimes they generate really different ideas from an angle that I may have never previously considered. Sometimes the idea is not convincing from my point of view and we debate and come up with something even better. This process is invaluable because it encourages me to think outside of the box and learn a lot more.

In addition, there are some really interesting, unconventional courses in our course package. They typically cover a “niche” topic and are taught by practitioners who are real experts with decades of experience. For example, I chose courses such as “Energy and Finance”, “Credit Risk and Turnaround Companies” and “Real Estate”. I was not familiar with these topics at all before, but these classes provide the perfect opportunity for me fully grasp them, and even more, to discover new career possibilities from them.