Joshua Willets

Joshua Willets


Class of 2016


from University College London

Incoming Analyst - Markets Division at Deutsche Bank

Prior to joining HEC, I had completed summer internships at Nomura in their Finance division and Deutsche Bank in their Markets division, both in London. I received a full-time offer from Deutsche Bank, which I accepted and I will hence join the graduate program in July 2016 after completing my studies at HEC. Previously, I studied Economics at University College London.

A formative curriculum

From an academic perspective, I wanted a course that would be very practical and one that would prepare me well for my career. Although I know that I will be working within Markets, I was still not 100% sure which asset class (e.g. equities vs. fixed income etc.) or which role (sales/trading/structuring) I would like to go into, so I thought that the scope and choice available within this course would be perfect in allowing me to make an informed decision when I begin my career.
From a career point of view, although I did not need to find a job/internship while I was at HEC, I did not know this at the time of applying and therefore HEC’s high placement ratio and #1 Financial Times ranking were certainly key factors helping me to decide that this would be a good choice if I had failed to receive an offer on the back of my internship.

Eye-opening experiences

The London Study Trip has to be the main highlight so far. It was a great opportunity to talk to alumni about their experiences post-HEC as well as also offering the chance to get to know the rest of the class. It was also great to visit company offices and the networking at these events was a lot more personal than what you would normally expect from a networking event.
I have also enjoyed many of the courses, in particular the Asset Pricing Theory courses, the Financial Engineering course and the FX Derivatives course.

More than just theory

The main thing that I have developed since arriving is technical knowledge. Previously I had studied Economics which, while giving me the ability to discuss macroeconomics, did not give me the level of knowledge required to be successful in Finance. Furthermore, classes here are quite intense and there tends to be a lot more hours of classes in a day here than there was at UCL. While this was difficult at first, I’ve found that my attention span has increased and I am sure this will benefit me in the future.
At the moment, I am not looking too far ahead. My graduate scheme at Deutsche Bank is rotational and my mind is still not fully made up as to exactly where I see myself in one year, let alone 5-10 years, but if I had to choose one area at the moment it would be Equity Derivatives Trading. From there, I’ll have to see how the finance industry develops and where I feel as though my strengths are best suited and where the opportunities lie.

Published on March 20,2016