Nikolaj Brammer

Nikolaj Brammer


Class of 2016


from CBS (Copenhagen Business School)

Business Analyst at Maersk Management Consulting

 I doubt that many other programs create as close of a community as the MIF at HEC Paris

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School, during which I spent a semester as an exchange student at the Wharton School. In 2015 I worked as an intern at Maersk Management Consulting for 6 months.

A close community with an international dynamic

HEC Paris offers a unique campus environment that almost forces students to form very close friendships across cultures and nationalities. The prospect of living closely with a diverse group of talented and curious students was the main reason why I chose to study International Finance at HEC. Before the start of courses in September, we had two intense weeks with various workshops and a study trip to London. These weeks were not only a lot of fun but they were also a great way to prepare us for an intense fall semester, during which we had to manage academics and job searching. I think it is fair to say that these weeks made us very close as a group and created a feeling of being on a journey together, something which is a big advantage when facing a busy semester. I doubt that many other programs create as close of a community as the MIF at HEC Paris.

Mastery of key skills

Many problems can seem very complicated, especially in finance. However, it is not always the most technical and complex solution that is the best. Often, your job is to understand and master the complexity in order to make things intuitive and understandable. HEC Paris is a great place to develop the necessary skills to solve complex problems in a simple way, in particular because of the focus on practical application of theory. The private equity industry greatly appeals to me. As a private equity manager you are faced with a broad range of challenges and in order to be successful, you must master a broad set of skills. Finance is obviously important, but you also have to have a strong general business understanding. Additionally, the program’s focus on bridging theory and practice was very appealing to me. Several professors actually practice what they teach, which is something that brings original insights into class discussions.

 In the short term my exposure to the industry will most likely be as an advisor, but I have ambitions to work for a fund in the long term. Perhaps I can even start my own fund one day.

Published on February 11, 2016