Shiwei Li

Shiwei Li

MIF and Tsinghua SEM Master in Finance

Class of 2017


from Tsinghua University

Quants intern at Barclays, London

The knowledge you acquire on the MSc International Finance really sets you up for life and it’s an experience you will always cherish

After finishing my joint honors degree at Tsinghua University in Computer Science and Ecomomics, I enrolled on the International Finance Master’s degree at Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. During the second year of my master’s I successfully applied to the HEC MIF program and will now start as a quants intern at Barclays, London.

Tsinghua has strong links with HEC and eligible candidates are able to apply to the double degree program at the two institutions. After graduation students receive two official master’s degrees from both universities. When I was in China, my supervisor recommended I should study at HEC to obtain a comprehensive vision on the worldwide markets and to gain solid skills in finance.

At HEC I received systemic and scientific training as a financial practitioner. What I have learned helped me a lot in interviews and in starting my real job. I was given a bigger picture of the world’s finance markets and trained to become a strong competitor with solid skills and knowledge. I also gained a lot of academic knowledge on topics such as trading and pricing techniques that you can’t find on textbooks. Additionally, the HEC professors really helped me a lot in not only my studies but also life on campus.

HEC’s MIF is definitely a program to consider if you are capable and hardworking. The knowledge you acquire here really sets you up for life and it’s an experience you will always cherish.