International Macroeconomics

Business firms operate in an economic environment that influences their decisions and performance. Income growth, business cycles, interest rate, inflation, exchange rates and government policies are major macroeconomic variables that enter the decision process of firms and consumers.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to build an understanding of the basic mechanisms that determine the major macroeconomic variables.

Course Content

  1. Macroeconomic indicators
  2. The measurement of GDP and national income
  3. GDP deflator and CPI
  4. Introduction to business cycles
  5. Determination of aggregate demand
  6. The money supply process
  7. Money and inflation
  8. Central bank objectives and the conduct of monetary policy
  9. Reading the balance of payments
  10. Trade balance, current account and savings
  11. Financial account and balance of payments
  12. Current account imbalances