Aldo Motta

Aldo Motta


Class of 2017


from Bocconi University

Corporate Banking Intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I chose HEC as it offers the full campus experience, allowing you to create lifelong friendships with extremely smart and interesting students

Before starting at HEC I graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University and completed internships in the Financial Accounting & Advisory Services division at EY and in the Corporate Banking division at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The HEC Experience

I was extremely attracted by the combination of Economics and Finance in the program, which is difficult to find in other main European Business Schools. Moreover, I chose HEC as it offers the full campus experience, allowing you to create lifelong friendships with extremely smart and interesting students. Finally, the training and tournaments with the HEC Volleyball team have been an integral part of my HEC experience.

A balanced curriculum

The program is the perfect mix between the academic rigor of pure Economics and Finance and their applications. The program allowed me to go into more depth with certain themes that I had only touched on during my Bachelor: for example, over the "Industrial Organization" course we studied in detail the competition models that were only introduced during the "Microeconomics" course within my Bachelor’s degree. On top of this, the possibility to personalize your study plan is another bonus, as you can choose from a wide variety of electives, which best fit your career goals. Finally, professors are not only academics (i.e. Thierry Foucault, professor of "Limits of Market Efficiency") but also leaders in their respective sectors (i.e. Olivier Levyne, Managing Director at CACIB and Professor of Mergers and Acquisitions) and they are more than happy to advise you on your future career.

A wealth of opportunities

The numerous associations at HEC often organize interesting events: I attended the HEC Private Equity club conferences several times. In addition, during our trip to London, we had the opportunity to visit Zaoui, an Investment Banking boutique founded 4 years ago by 2 top experts in the sector; this visit was extremely beneficial in better understanding the Investment Banking world and the precious advice given by analysts made it all the more invaluable.

Shaping interests

During my studies, I developed a strong interest in Corporate Finance, and more recently I started considering Economics Consulting as an alternative career path. As I strongly desire experience in both sectors, during the second half of 2017 I secured a summer internship in Investment Banking and an autumn internship in Economics Consulting, both in London. So I will have a wealth of experience to help me make my decision.