Eugenio Fragasso

Eugenio Fragasso


Class of 2015


from Bocconi University

Summer internship in Administration, BNP Paribas Securities Services

The MFE experience at HEC Paris has further enhanced my knowledge in many areas of interest and provided me with a broad economic view.

Before coming to HEC Paris I graduated in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. During the undergraduate period I also had a summer internship at BNP Paribas in Milan.
After my undergraduate studies I wanted to take a Master program that could let me apply economic theories and models to the real world of business and finance. I was interested in the opportunity of being taught finance and corporate strategy without abandoning my background in Economics. Indeed I chose the MSc in Managerial and Financial Economics because it offers a combination of subjects and disciplines. Then the strong reputation and international environment of HEC made this course even more attractive to me.

A perfect mix of complementary courses

The MFE gives a rigorous understanding of the fundamentals of economics and the ability to use them to formulate opinions on investments and market scenarios. The program mixes different courses that are perfectly complementary to each other. Besides technical notions, I think that one of the most interesting aspects of MFE is the group-work approach that enables students to learn from each other in a very international environment. HEC is an institution that attracts gifted students and outstanding faculty from all over the world, creating a challenging and multicultural studying environment. The talent, drive and diversity of people really enriched the experience.

Involvement in HEC Energy Club

This academic year was intense and really worthwhile. My experience on campus gave me much more than what I had expected. The campus life outside the classrooms offers many opportunities, such as associations, sport teams and guests’ conferences. I have joined the Energy Club since the beginning of the year, organizing the HEC Energy Day in March and other events over the year and coordinating the publication activity of the Oil & Gas hub. I think it is important to fully engage yourself in the university life (outside the MFE) as much as possible. The experience is not only about the knowledge, but also about the personal network that you create.
Curiosity has always made me acquire several interests. The MFE experience at HEC has further enhanced my knowledge and provided me with a broad economic view. In my future career I definitely want to work in a various and fast-paced environment where I could learn something new everyday. At the end of the master I will start to work as a financial analyst. Concerning my long-term professional future, I am open to any opportunity that will give me the possibility to deepen my knowledge and face new challenges.