Fuyang Sui

Fuyang Sui


Class of 2017


from The University of Hong Kong

Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Career forums on finance, consulting, Fintech and entrepreneurship take place on the HEC campus almost every month which can help you shape your future

Prior to joining HEC Paris, I attended The University of Hong Kong, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Finance. My interests lie in markets because of their constantly changing and exciting nature. For me, Economics is essential when analyzing the markets’ movements and when integrating a piece of information into the price. The MFE program has well equipped me with both knowledge and insight into the industry. In three words, I was attracted to HEC due to its: craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and sportsmanship.


From the theoretical to the practical, the MFE program was perfect for me to foster my analytical strengths and effective decision making. As a result, I have gained a deeper understanding of the trading mechanism and how to calculate the bid-ask price under conditional probabilities. The courses also cover a wide range of updated topics in the current financial industry, such as Fintech, data and forecasting, European crisis, and venture capital. Interactively, these topics are fully discussed throughout the courses, either by written assignments or group presentations. We were also given the chance to present to the business office and through this I was able to fully appreciate the working lifestyle in Paris. A highlight of the program for me was the course given by McKinsey professionals, it was a fantastic experience.


At HEC, we’re very fortunate to have great opportunities and resources at our fingertips and consequently I feel motivated and more open minded to wider career options. During the program, we went to London on a business trip to visit distinguished financial institutions and developed business acumen, which was highly informative. Career forums on finance, consulting, Fintech and entrepreneurship take place on the HEC campus almost every month which can help you shape your future. I also took part in an entrepreneurship competition in a team of three, including MBA students, just another example of the great opportunities HEC has to offer. On the business trip to Singapore, I witnessed the rapid growth of technological innovations in the financial industry, which reshaped my long-term career aspirations. I consider management skills just as important as analytical skills because it is people who make the critical decisions rather than the machines. In my opinion, the program is a perfect combination of both managerial training and financial economics.


I love sports and there are a diverse range of clubs you can sign up to on campus. Joining a sports team helps build a strong relationship with your fellow team mates and it’s also a good way to understand the French culture. I played volleyball and spoke to our coach in French, which was invaluable in improving my language skills. HEC’s vast grounds make it not only ideal for sports activities and competitions but also for taking a break from your studies to embrace nature with friends.
After graduating from HEC, I will be taking up an Analyst position in Goldman Sachs’ Global Investment Research Division. I hope to make an impact by applying what I have learned during my degree and putting it into practice, adding value to the business. In 2 to 5 years, I see myself increasing my global mobility, expertise, and network.