Sebastian Saller

Sebastian Saller


Class of 2016


from King's College London

Intern, Associate Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners

All courses strike a great balance between theory and practice, which really displays the uniqueness and strength of HEC and in particular the MFE program

Before starting my studies at HEC, I graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Business Management. Between my Bachelor studies and HEC, I completed internships in Finance & Accounting at Procter & Gamble as well as in Strategy Consulting at Simon-Kucher & Partners.
What attracted me to HEC Paris in the first place was its strong international reputation and how it attracts the very best students from different parts of the world.

A ‘learning by doing’ methodology

Yet, it was specifically the setup and content of the MFE program that convinced me to apply. The unique strength of the program lies in its combination of Economics and Finance, which I found to be not only extremely interesting, but also a valuable foundation for my later career. All courses strike a great balance between theory and practice, which really displays the uniqueness and strength of HEC and in particular the MFE program. Understanding and appreciating different macroeconomic concepts, taught by leading practitioners and academics, and then applying them to the “real” business world was, for me, a key differentiator of the program.

A perfect extra-curricular, academic balance  

There were specific events that stood out during my time on the program - for example our program’s study trip to Luxembourg, a range of career fairs that proved to be helpful with respect to my later career as well as specific classes that gave me completely new perspectives on current issues. Yet putting these highlights aside, living on campus and studying together with other MFE students has, by itself, been an invaluable and fruitful experience. I’m grateful for the strong community and network that we have formed over the past months. Outside the classroom, I was able to train and compete with the HEC Rowing team, which has been an integral part of my experience at HEC.

An inspiring community

The program itself and the various professors have allowed me to really appreciate the analytical toolkit which Economics can offer to solve problems that affect our lives and corporate decision-making every day. I also learned a great deal from the program’s very diverse and inspiring students – not only whilst working closely together during the various group projects, but also hearing about their diverse backgrounds and career interests has been very stimulating experience. This is also where the very unique network of HEC comes into play: Constantly exchanging with alumni and current students, also from different majors, has given me so much during my time here and will be key in my future professional and personal life.

Upon graduation from HEC, I am currently still considering different options in strategy consulting or in larger multinational companies. I’m really looking forward to the challenges ahead and the new learning opportunities that await me after HEC. In around 5 to 10 years, I see myself working in a global role within a multinational company.

Testimonial published on February 15th