Sharjil Hannan

Sharjil Hannan


Class of 2015


from Boston University

Internship experience as a Business Analyst Trainee, SIPA Security Solutions, Switzerland

HEC Paris provided the ideal platform to launch my career

I have the experience of living in 10 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. I hold a Bachelor degree in Economics from Boston University. I also have internship experience of working in the United Nations and SICPA, a security inks company in Switzerland.

Connecting knowledge with work skills

I had always heard that HEC Paris was a fantastic school. After pursuing the MSc program, I can only reiterate that fact now. HEC presents itself as a truly international school, where you see top students coming from all over the world to attain a high quality business education. I wanted to be part of that international environment. HEC Paris also has a strong emphasis on giving students practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts, so that they are able to utilize that knowledge in the career context. As I had some initial work experience before HEC, I truly appreciated the importance of connecting theory with practicality which would help me enhance my employability.

I chose the MFE program in order to build on from my Bachelor degree in Economics, and also to gain some practical skills in management and finance. This program provided the perfect balance of studying subjects from various fields under one umbrella. There is a large focus on macroeconomics, which is an essential subject area to keep the big picture in mind during the business decision-making process.

Combining theory and applications

Initially the program starts off with conferences from industry experts, to help you decide on your future career path. For example there is one on investment banking, another one on management consulting etc. The program is most useful if you have a clear idea of the career that you want to pursue right when it begins, then the school is able to offer resources to help you land the ideal job.

In the first semester, you mainly have to go through the core courses with some electives. In the second semester, the student is able to choose from the wide variety of electives offered (from learning more about exchange rate determination to enhancing knowledge on corporate finance). One would normally choose the electives which are most relevant to their desired career path as well. I personally enjoyed all the management consulting classes such as "Corporate Strategy" and "Strategic Consulting" because this was an industry that I didn't know very well, and it was taught by industry leaders.

While the academic courses are quite intensive, there is still enough time in the schedule to spend on job applications and the career search. That is very important because the career search took a lot more time for me than I initially thought! I was happy that the program accommodates it well.  

Improving networking skills

Apart from all the academic knowledge gained, I have really taken a lot out of my experience in HEC Paris.

It has improved my ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. In HEC Paris, you find yourself in various group settings throughout the year. I have really learned a lot from all the group work I had to do and I will continue to build on this in my future endeavors.

I have also been able to improve my networking skills. Here you are presented with ample opportunity to build your network, either through alumni or industry experts. Through this experience, I am now comfortable to talk to people in a networking event and also am better aware of the right things to discuss in order to make the most of it.

Developing an internet venture in Bangladesh

I am currently pursuing an internship with Rocket Internet, to develop a new internet venture in Bangladesh. In the long term, I envision being a part of the massive economic growth in Asia and help SMEs grow in the region. I am really happy I joined HEC Paris, because it provided the ideal platform to launch my career. I am now much more confident of being able to successfully pursue the career I want to.