Fabiola Maria Brovot

Fabiola Maria Brovot

MSc In Marketing

Class of 2014


from University of Mannheim

Internship in Trade Marketing at Darphin The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

HEC Paris offers a great international exposure by accepting the best students from all over the world

  • Why did you choose the MSc. in Marketing program?

I have chosen the MSc. in Marketing program at HEC Paris due to its function, industry and geographic fit.

From a functional point of view, the MSc. in Marketing program offers a comprehensive curriculum including courses in the most challenging and growing business areas such as retail, digital or luxury. All courses are a combination of lectures, real business cases and relevant company presentations taught by well-known professors as well as professionals. Hence, they focus on theoretical knowledge as well as practical expertise.

The company presentations within the classes but also outside the course program offer the additional opportunity to be in continuous contact with professionals from various business areas and industries. Here, students can start networking early in advance and foster their own future business career. The choice of a certificate at the end of the master supports this idea by enabling each student to gain an in-depth insight into one industry before entering the job market.
Last but not least, HEC Paris offers a great international exposure by accepting the best students from all over the world. Having worked and lived with people from different nations and cultures, the students experience different ways of working and thinking, are enabled to re-evaluate their own and to strengthen their hard as well as social skills in an international environment.

  • Which courses did you prefer in the program and why?

Within the MSc. in Marketing program, I particularly enjoyed the classes in digital marketing as well as social media for both outlined the major trends, marketers are facing in today’s society. In this regard, marketers need to be aware of the fact that marketing today has a great strategic and influential role within the company for it helps firms to understand the quickly evolving environment and market changes.

In addition, I highly appreciated the CSR & Marketing course for it let us students think outside the box by introducing potential future business models. Hence, the course made us think about our responsibilities as future business leaders creating a positive impact on a social, environmental and economic basis.
Last but not least, I highly enjoyed the course with V. Bastien, former CEO of Louis Vuitton, on luxury strategies for it gave me a clear in-depth insight into the concept of luxury and the management of a luxury business on a day-to-day basis. In this regard, the class clearly pointed out the difference between luxury, premium and fashion helping future managers to successfully lead luxury companies into the next decade

  • Did you choose to participate in one of the Certificate programs at HEC Paris, and if so, which one? What did you gain through this program?

I chose the Luxury Certificate for it suited my career goal to work as a global brand manager in the luxury industry in future. The certificate has added a high education prestige component to my curriculum due to its well-known professors, the comprehensive curriculum including theoretical knowledge and practical expertise as well as its field visits.

In this regard, I was able to take the key concepts underlying the luxury brand management a step further and, thus, to broaden the know-how I had gathered during my internships at L’Oreal and Estée Lauder as well as during my master thesis, which I wrote on the “Kernel of Luxury” in cooperation with Professor Jean-Noel Kapferer.

After having worked for the world leader in cosmetics, I additionally got to know more about the world leader in apparel and accessories in the luxury industry. Therefore, it was very exciting to be able to communicate and interact with guest speakers working for global luxury players as e.g. Kering and LVMH and to find out more about my potential future employer.

Moreover, I highly appreciated the visits to the stores of Brioni, Balenciaga, Boucheron and Sowind as well as to the palace Royal Monceau, which offered me an additional point of view on luxury brand experiences. The location of the stores in the heart of France, Paris, which hosts the world’s leading luxury companies in cosmetics and fashion, conveyed this experience to the greatest extend.

As a consequence, I was able to round off my hard as well as soft skills and to further become the future business leader I strive to be.

  • What advice would you give to the future students of the program?

Since the MSc In Marketing program is very challenging, I would highly recommend future HEC students to take part in a French language course before coming to HEC. It will help future students to become part in associations more easily, to refresh their language skills more quickly over the year and to get in touch with French students and their culture.

In addition, it is important to outline that the campus life at HEC is very unique. Therefore, one should try to participate as much as possible in various campus events, join one of the diverse associations offered and get to know people outside the MSc In Marketing program.

Last but not least, HEC is a great opportunity to meet people of diverse nationalities from all over the world. Hence, future students should try not to stick to their own nationality but be open-minded towards people with different cultural backgrounds. By building up a global network, future students will not only benefit on a professional but more importantly on a personal basis.