Noemi Patai

Noemi Patai

MSc Marketing

Class of 2016


from Corvinus University of Budapest

Management Consulting Intern at PwC

One of the biggest strengths of this program is its international outlook and the diversity of the students and faculty

Prior to HEC Paris, I completed my bachelor degree at Corvinus University of Budapest in Commerce and Marketing with an Erasmus exchange in France. After a brief exposure to management consulting at PwC, and a communications internship at the European Commission in Brussels, I was looking for a program where I could deepen my existing marketing knowledge by learning from world-renowned professors and experienced professionals.

A stimulating academic experience

What first comes to my mind when thinking about my current year is that it’s almost impossible to get bored during this programme. We have challenging simulations and company projects day by day, in every course. To give an example: during my second week here we were working on a holistic communication campaign for the Hennessy X.O. brand, had a chance to present it in front of LVMH executives, and the presentations were followed by a networking session. It was just the beginning, later we had projects with L’Oréal, EDF, Undiz, SEB and the year is not over yet.
Beyond getting familiar with the latest marketing trends and their applications to real life situations, these projects also provide opportunities to learn from each other. One of the biggest strengths of this program is its international outlook and the diversity of the students and faculty. Since almost all of us have some work or internship experience by now, we all have something to share in order to improve our overall performance.

A lively student experience

Since many of us live on campus, we have the opportunity to spend time together outside the classroom as well. HEC Paris has an intense student life with many student clubs and regular conferences. You can participate, but you can also take part in the organisation. It is easy to create your own paths and find the activities that best fit your interests and future plans. I am a member of the organizing team of the HEC Business Game, a business competition that allows student teams from top universities all over the world to practice solving real-life business cases in different sectors while getting the opportunity to network with professionals. As a marketing student, it is really interesting for me to create an international promotion strategy to reach out to other business schools and motivate students to apply.

Boundless opportunities

In the future, I would like to work in brand management, and I am also really interested in solving social issues with business concepts. The program structure allows us to spend the last 6 weeks of the year studying a certificate, and I will take the chance to discover more about social business. Furthermore, the topic for my thesis is sustainable luxury. I don’t think this particular combination would have been feasible anywhere other than at HEC Paris.

Published on February 19, 2016