Ibrahim Saleh

Ibrahim Saleh


Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, Dubai

MSc Strategic Management, Class of 2015. Previously at Lebanese University

The Strategic Management program at HEC was a pinnacle year in my life, professionally, academically, and personally

Perhaps one of the most significant milestones in my life, I chose HEC because I wanted to change and advance my career, and subsequently the MSc in Strategic Management because I wanted to get into top consulting. I received job interviews from many top firms, and signed my contract with Booz Allen halfway through my first semester. I am currently on my way to becoming a senior consultant, advancing the program’s strategy courses, finance, and all digital-related material, where I have found the MSc in Strategic Management program particularly useful as it has given me an edge in making me more efficient, and my work more meticulous. I also opted for an Excel Modeling and Data Analysis course which I advise everyone to take as modeling comes hand in hand with any consulting assignment and a capable modeler is highly regarded among his peers.

Enhancing students’ experience daily

The overall quality of teaching at HEC and the professors themselves are both excellent. Courses were given by highly acclaimed researchers as well as executives at top consulting firms, investment banking, luxury, marketing, and other industries. I went from having very basic business knowledge to gaining a strong understanding of all the fundamentals, something I put to use in my job from day 1. Support staff are helpful and accommodating, and ensure to make the overall experience as great as possible.

When I joined the program, we were at first separated into two tracks: accelerated and business – justifiably to account for the engineering versus business backgrounds of the students. They have now been merged into one and I find this merger a positive step as integrating the entire student body from the very beginning will reap greater benefits to every individual.

A varied alumni network that help with your onward journey

Being part of the Alumni network was a positive experience that exceeded my expectations. I could easily connect with people from around the world and they all showed willingness to communicate and provide insight and answer questions. The alumni network also instills a sense of responsibility in you and since my graduation I have received dozens of calls and emails from prospective students asking for advice or looking for help in improving their CV or cover letters, or even just asking about my overall experience.

The student culture is quite impressive. The level of dedication and diligence I witnessed among these young people was truly inspiring. There is a deep sense of responsibility and a deep drive to achieve and be an elite in the program, as well as taking up roles outside the classroom in all the associations and activities taking place on campus.

A world class program that continues to grow

The Strategic Management program at HEC was a pinnacle year in my life, professionally, academically, and personally, and with the program now ranked #1 globally, the benefits it offers to all prospective students will surely keep growing.