Veronica Adamson

Veronica  Adamson

MSc in Strategic Management, Class of 2011


Now working as a Manager for Monitor Group


from Tufts University

I chose HEC because it provided a more practical education

  • Why did you choose HEC?

I applied to HEC because of the strong reputation of its no-experience required masters in business program. I applied to LSE for the same reason but chose HEC in the end because it provided a more practical education (vs. LSE’s theoretical focus) and offered the opportunity to undertake two six month internships as part of the program.

  • What have you gained from the HEC experience (from a personal or professional perspective)?

HEC gave me a broad perspective of the business world and in-depth knowledge in the fields of interest to me (through internships, specialization, certificate). It also included a significant amount of hands on experience that I believe will be very useful. Indeed, during my strategy major the projects were often sponsored by top consulting companies.

  • Courses, conferences, meetings, outings. What are the most significant memories of your year at HEC?

One of my favorite classes was “Theory of Finance”. The extremely quantitative class explored the theories on which modern market finance is based (for example by solving the Black-Scholes equation). Although the class was challenging it was extremely interesting given its relevance to the financial crises. I also appreciated the classes taught by companies such as BCG because they provided insight into both the strategy-consulting profession and the firm.

  • Did you choose to participate in one of the Certificate programs at HEC, and if so, which one? What did you gain through this program?

I am very happy to have participated in the luxury certificate. Some of the things I learned during the program were: what differentiates luxury from other segments, how luxury companies operate and how to launch a product. The courses were taught by business leaders from the top two luxury companies (PPR, LVMH) and by HEC professors who are the international references in the sector (such as Jean-Noel Kapferer). One of my favorite parts of the course was learning about the strategy behind products that LVMH planned to launch.

  • What advices would you give to students who aspire to subscribe to HEC ?

Don’t miss out on all of the great student clubs and it is never too early to start thinking about internships!