Jean-Loup Dubin

Jean-Loup Dubin

MSc Strategic Management

Class of 2015


from Ecole Polytechnique

Internship in Consulting at Eleven Strategy & Management

I have developed the ability to truly understand the strategic goals and issues of each business and their professions, and to always look for creating value for them

I graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique where I specialized in Computer Science and Management of Innovation. After that, I worked on Big Data strategy as a full time intern at eleven-strategy in Paris.

Developing new skills

After having fully enjoyed my internship in strategy consulting, I felt that my engineering background was not sufficient in order to bring as much value as I had hoped to customers. I chose the MSc Strategic Management at HEC Paris because it could provide me with an excellent business background and a business culture which brings inspirations to find disruptive ideas. Above all I would be able to develop the skills required for my future job: consultant in strategy.

Diverse group of people

The strength of the MSc Strategic Management lies in its focus on consulting and the richness of teachers' and students' backgrounds. I met several consulting firms during forums and workshops. This enabled me to build professional relationships, to better understand the difference between consulting firms and to select the firm that suits my own needs. On the other hand, I worked closely with various nationalities and backgrounds. Leading my groups and leveraging the talent of each person in order to produce the most creative projects was an amazing opportunity!

Today, with the benefit of hindsight, the most valuable skill I have developed is the ability to truly understand the strategic goals and issues of each business and their professions, and even beyond, in order to create the most value for them. The MSc Strategic Management helped me to understand a business, by bringing to light certain issues and solutions, but also taught me how to present my results in a way that achieves maximum impact.

Digital change makers

Passionate about digital topics, I had the opportunity at HEC to shape my education and to follow my passion. I selected data and web oriented electives and ended with the Digital Transformation Certificate. By listening to and meeting major digital players, I realized the importance of this transformation by its reshaping of industries. This is done by modifying their customer relationships, improving their operations, and rethinking their business model.
Today, I'm convinced that consulting firms are starting to position themselves regarding digitalization. That is why our role as consultants in digital strategy seems to be promising, in that we are going to be responsible for this transformation. To be a part of this transformation, I'm joining again eleven-strategy next year, with my new consulting skills.