Michal Bas

Michal Bas

MSc Strategic Management

Class of 2016


from University College London (UCL)

Summer intern at KPMG

The MSc Strategic Management offers an exceptional case-based, hands-on learning  environment, combining the points of view of both professionals and academics

Prior to joining HEC Paris, I studied Economics and Business with East European Studies at University College London (UCL), where I also served as the President of the Polish Society. Every summer, I explored different internship opportunities in Warsaw and London, in both management consulting (PwC, KPMG) and venture capital (Giza Polish Ventures).

A highly flexible degree program

Apart from HEC’s prestige and international recognition, the program offers an exceptional case-based,  hands-on  learning  environment,  combining  the  points  of  view  of  both professionals and academics. The course has a significant focus on strategy consulting, with exclusive workshops with all major consultancies and courses taught by senior consultants from BCG, AT Kearney and others. Having said that, the second semester offers an extremely wide range of electives, ranging from Internet-Based Business Models to Strategic Challenges of Creative Industries. Certificates at the end of the program offer an opportunity to specialize in your area of interest and gain highly practical skills from the most accomplished experts in respective fields. Finally, the learning experience is further enriched by very diverse group of students, representing various nationalities and backgrounds.

An extremely diverse student cohort

Personally, I have enormously enjoyed the ‘Strategic Analysis of Negotiation Games’ class. The class was extremely interactive and engaging; it managed to ignite the competitive spirit in every student participating in it!  I also enjoyed the fact that all foreign MSc students are encouraged to pursue additional evening French classes. This is a great opportunity for both people who would like to improve their working French, as well as total beginners who would like to make their everyday life in France easier.
This year, MSc Strategic Management class goes on two study trips – to Cologne/Dusseldorf and London. These are great opportunities not only to observe different business environments and cultures, but also to socialize with the classmates.

Close ties with the corporate world

In the first semester, MSc Strategic Management students are very much interested in the Consulting Fair, where all major firms and numerous boutiques come to campus to meet the students. In the second semester, the school organizes its flagship career event, ‘Carrefours HEC’, featuring companies from virtually every industry. The most notable company event was in my view the McKinsey & Company presentation in November. After an introduction to the company, we had an opportunity to network with consultants from 17 offices. This is a great example of HEC’s global exposure. Given the strategy consulting focus of the program, practicing case interviews with classmates is easier than ever - you can find a case partner during any time of the day (and night)!
After my graduation, I hope to secure a position in management consulting or private equity. I consider these areas as very dynamic and challenging work environments, with exceptionally steep learning curves, allowing even junior employees to contribute to real life business events on an everyday basis.

Published on February 14, 2016