Nicolas Darre

Nicolas Darre

MSc Strategic Management

Class of 2016


from ESADE

General Inspection at Société Générale

The greatest value this program has to offer is the doors it opens

Before coming to HEC, I did my Bachelor’s at Boston University’s School of Management and received an MSc in Finance from ESADE in Barcelona. I have worked in the oil & gas industry as well as banking.

A hub for intellectual ability

I chose to come to HEC for three reasons. Firstly, I wanted to stay in Paris as I love this city. Secondly, HEC’s reputation in France and internationally attracts some of the best and brightest minds (and companies!). Secondly, I knew a lot of people who had completed a Master here and really enjoyed their experiences.
The Master in Strategic Management was my top choice because I want to work in consulting after graduation.

A world of opportunity

The greatest value this program has to offer is the doors it opens. Big name consulting firms will come and actively try to recruit you (rather than the other way around). The events you will be invited to are catered to convince you to apply rather than to put you under a microscope. Academically speaking, the program offers a lot of choices depending on what you want to study. Finally, the diversity of the student body is fantastic, both in terms of country of origin and experience. You will truly be working with some very smart people.

A well-rounded group of students

I have met some genuinely nice people at HEC that have demonstrated the value of having a good balance between work and personal life. They are, without a doubt, extremely driven individuals. The discussions we have in the classroom are very high-level. However, they do not let this stop them from enjoying Paris, their time in Europe, playing music or whatever hobbies they want to pursue. They are truly a reflection of the type of colleagues you can hope to have after graduating.

Testimonial published on February 15