Pascal Ten Bras

Pascal Ten Bras

MSc Strategic Management

Class of 2017


from Rotterdam School of Management

Senior Procurement Analyst / Project Leader at ASML

After studying International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management, I decided that I was up for a new challenge: a master’s degree at HEC Paris. I applied to the MSc in Strategic Management as I found out during my internship at ASML, a leading semiconductor company, that strategy is not only for executives and inherently practical.

I applied to HEC Paris as I appreciated the practical focus of the program. Additionally, the profiles of the students were very impressive, as was the alumni network and overall the school has an outstanding reputation.

Practical application

The core courses taught at the beginning of the year, on, for example, game theory, sharpened my way of thinking. Courses were complemented by various classes, such as negotiating and presenting and I believe that learning these skills allows students to implement strategy effectively in organizations. The courses were taught by experienced professionals, who introduced real-world challenges in class.

After completing the core courses, I could deepen my knowledge on specific subjects through electives. I learned a tremendous amount during the courses 'Private Equity' and 'Business Plan Workshop', both taught by seasoned investors. Additionally, I took an elective on digital transformation where the professor, a senior partner at a leading consulting firm, invited guest speakers that held positions as board members in large companies. This resulted in interesting discussions, especially as we were only 40 in class. In the coming weeks, I will be learning about digital entrepreneurship, as part of one of the certificates HEC offers, under the supervision of many great coaches. We are creating a start-up in cooperation with designers and developers.

Additionally, the whole experience has been strengthened by the amazing students on the course and I’ve found there is a lot to learn from each other as everyone has a strong academic background.  We’ve formed a close group of friends and often get together outside of the classroom.