Thomas Chevre

Thomas Chevre

MSc Strategic Management

Class of 2015


from Ecole Polytechnique

Financial Internship as an Analyst for Accuracy, Paris

In addition to learning a lot on topics such as business strategy, corporate strategy or corporate finance, I also improved many soft skills.

I chose to join HEC after three years of scientific studies at Ecole Polytechnique in France where I specialized in Economics.
Before joining HEC I had already gained some professional experience in Finance; I had interned with the Corporate Financial Advisory firm Accuracy in Paris and before that, I had undertaken a short internship in the Structured Finance Asia department of Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank in Hong Kong.

I chose to join HEC after Polytechnique to add business studies to my scientific background. I intended to work as a strategy consultant and I felt that HEC was the best place for me to achieve my professional objectives. The MSc Strategic Management has helped me to successfully start my professional career, giving me the tools necessary to join a strategy consulting firm in September.

 Key assets of the program

 The program has many valuable assets. The first benefit lies in the strong ties it has with numerous strategy consulting firms, which provides students with the opportunity to discover and network with a great number of firms. Another key advantage of the program is the fantastic diversity of students’ profiles. Courses rely heavily on team work and the different approaches used by each student prove to be a considerable asset. Finally, the courses tackle very different fields related to strategy and management in a comprehensive and complementary manner. This gives a very useful insight on professional areas such as investment banking, private equity, venture capital or strategy consulting of course.

Enhancing skills

 I am convinced that this program enabled me to enhance my skills. In addition to learning a lot on topics such as business strategy, corporate strategy or corporate finance, I also improved soft skills. The program provided me with the opportunity to work constantly in teams, to learn negotiation techniques and also how to deliver oral presentations in a more convincing and lively way.

The MSc Strategic Management is therefore a great program to help prepare someone for a professional career in fields related to business analysis (strategy consulting, investment banking or in the industry). And finally, it’s very important not to forget that the student life at HEC has been a lot of fun.
 This year at HEC Paris has been a fantastic experience!