Adam Stanley-Smith

Adam Stanley-Smith

Regional Director EMEA for The Ackerman Group LLC

Class of 2010

HEC helped my career evolution by creating opportunities that I never would have been able to access without first studying in Paris.

I’m originally from New Hampshire in the USA. I studied at VMI in Lexington, Virginia, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2001 in International Studies/Political Science before being commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

My company provides security and investigative consulting services to our international clients. As the Regional Manager, I meet with clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to provide them with risk management training and other services. My preferred aspect of my job is providing travel safety training to travelers- a small amount of information, preparation, and awareness can help voyagers avoid many potentially dangerous situations (and of course, many of the normal headaches of traveling).
We work with a number of large, international companies with employees all over the world. Not only do I get to interact with clients in Europe, but I am also fortunate enough to travel often, which allows me to meet and interact with locals throughout my region.

I went to HEC because I wanted to develop my abilities in French, interact with and improve my understanding of a wide range of different cultures, and because of my passion for the environment and sustainable development. I felt that HEC offered me the opportunity to really challenge myself and grow while attending a top ranked and well-run program.
And the international environment of HEC really improved my abilities to work in a multicultural environment, an important consideration given that I regularly deal with clients, subcontractors, and government officials on high-stress, time sensitive issues throughout the EMEA region. 

HEC helped my career evolution by creating opportunities for me that I never would have been able to access without first studying in Paris.

In addition the education that I received, my time at HEC provided me with both international exposure and a chance to develop a real connection with my fellow students- not just a network of fellow alums, but friends.

And HEC staff also prepared me for the future in a realistic manner, truthfully informing me of the near impossibility of changing role, industry, and location at the same time.  It is important to have a school and classmates that push you to think big and to dream, but it’s equally vital to have an honest and realistic assessment of what is and is not possible.