Christophe Place

Christophe  Place

Founder of VirtoSango, Sustainable Finance for Social Innovation, Geneva

Class of 2009

I strongly recommend this program to anybody who wants to open his mind to new perspectives and opportunities in his life

  • What influenced you when choosing the double diploma FGV-São Paolo / HEC-Paris?

During my general engineering degree I had the opportunity to specialize myself in environment and energy and to experience an introduction to sustainable development through two semesters studies in Canada and Mexico. Especially thanks to the course of Sustainable Development Leadership of PhD Guillermo GÁNDARA FIERRO of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. I then worked two years as a Health Safety Environment Quality Manager respectively at Acergy Brasil and Total Guinea Ecuatorial. Participating in the steering committee, I was dealing with an Integrated Management System and organizing some training programs. Nevertheless, as I was concerned with progress and wealth indicators, I wanted to expand my education with an open-minded management specialization linked with social and environmental responsibility in order to learn more about economic development mechanism and its limits.

  • Did the double diploma MBA-Master of Business Administration / MSc-Master of Science meet your expectations?

As I was looking for studies which go beyond scientific and economic specialisations such as green technologies, renewable energies, humanitarian and social development, I created my own world database of sustainable development post-graduation and finally chose these best master in management in Europe and business school in Brazil. Indeed, HEC Specialized Master, with its Social Business Track, focuses on company strategy and management with professional specialists while Fundação Getúlio Vargas MBA also deals with economics sustainability theory and its limits thanks to PhD professors. My best memories were my encounters with Patrick VIVERET, Pavan SUKHDEV, and Pierre RABHI through the different external conferences and seminaries which were open to the students and who deeply influenced my research oriented thesis on economic and monetary innovation.

  • Can you describe to us your job and the tendency of this sector?

After being the project manager of a sustainable investment and venture philanthropy fund at Société Générale Brasil, I co-founded a think tank in entrepreneurship assessment and a consultant group in collective intelligence and wealth activation. Conference lecturer and with a teaching and research position at the Geneva School of Business Administration in relation with both the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the New Economics Foundation, I had the opportunity to pursue my applied research and development in sustainable finance for social and monetary innovation through the conception of an impact assessment matrix. The development of both green economy and social and solidarity economy networks will be based on the value co-creation among stakeholders thanks to pioneer wealth exchange systems and eco-friendly behaviour incentives.

  • What would be the required competencies of this job?

To really be fulfilled in this job you should have autonomy, perseverance and creativity. You should also be able to enhance and optimize a project, energize and stimulate a team, communicate and sensitize in a pedagogical awareness. Indeed, as we always learn from experience, I really enjoyed integrating the national and international network of this niche sector, as well as participating in symposium and convention on vanguard research.
. Nevertheless, as competency is individual but intelligence is collective, it’s essential to evolve sharing and cooperation. That’s why I participated in some research project such as the monetary innovation and development expert program of the Social Trade Organisation. I am now an observer of the European project Community Currency in Action.

  • What advice would you give to a young post-graduate who is starting his career?

Whatever, wherever, whenever, you must dare to give your valuable point of view and look for relevant source of information to sustain it. As sustainability is not only based on efficiency but also on resiliency through diversity and interconnection, nurture your network. Thus, thanks to expedience and optimism you can achieve, almost, all of your dreams. This is it.