Pauline Johner Heuzé

Pauline Johner Heuzé

MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation, Class of 2011


Co Founder & Partner of sb factory, social business engineering


from Grenoble Ecole de Management

HEC has brought me an incredible network

  • What were the highlights of your education at HEC Paris?

The Specialized Masters at HEC was for me a rich and intense year in terms of content and meeting new people. I particularly appreciated the course “New Business Models” which gave us insight on how to research and analyze new economic models with environmental and social impacts. In addition, the company mission allowed us to work in teams in order to respond to an organization’s problem. Concerning me, I evaluated with three of my classmates the opportunity to launch a social business in a developing country for a large construction company. In order to achieve this, we also worked in close collaboration with the consulting firm in Social Business, Be-Linked.

  • What did you gain from your education at (from a personal or professional perspective)?

Through the Specialized Master in Sustainable Development, I gained a certain expertise in environmental and social questions, and particularly on emerging economic models. In addition, HEC Paris has brought me an incredible network. Finally, throughout the year, the professors and speakers made available to us many valuable opportunities…For us to take and build our professional profile!

  • What is the best memory of your year at HEC Paris?

The meetings made throughout the year in the Specialized Master in Sustainable Development where the profiles are very diverse in terms of country of origin, education, or professional experience. Also the meetings made in preparation of the event, “Sustainability Business Conference” with MBA students where we compared our approaches to “sustainable development” and “social business”.

  • Why did you choose HEC Paris?

I chose HEC for its fame and reputation. I also chose this school for its expertise in Social Business: chair sponsored by professor M. Yunus, with strong partnerships (Martin Hirsch, Danone et Schneider Electrics).

  • Finally, what advice would you give to students who aspire to be in your program?

I strongly recommend connecting the Specialized Master in Sustainable Development with one of the 5 certificates (Social Business; Finance & Energy, Real Estate, Digital Business, Luxury) to supplement your education and your specialization. In addition, throughout the year, we have plenty of opportunities to seize, so seize them!