Dominique Farag

Dominique Farag

MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation

Class of 2016

from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Consultant at Accenture

A new challenge

Having worked for Accenture in the States for three years, I decided to take a break from my career at the time and go back to school to learn more about my passion in Energy and Sustainability.

I started my Masters in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in 2014 before I decided to apply to the Double Degree Program with HEC for the Sustainability and Social Innovation (SASI) program. I truly believe that the combination of the two programs will provide me with a great basis for a future career in the Renewable Energies and Sustainability fields. The HEC brand is not only very well known in the French and European business world, but it continues to rapidly grow in the rest of the world.

HEC Paris students commitment for the  COP 21

What made the SASI Master especially valuable in 2015 was the fact that the COP21 conference was held in Paris and that HEC hosted its own conference titled “Climate is our Business” under the COP21 umbrella back in October. As part of the SASI program, our class managed the entire event’s content, communication and logistics with the help of the HEC administration and the event’s speakers. This was truly an excellent opportunity for all of us to learn more about the topic of Climate Change as well as gain experience in planning and managing such a big event. It was also stimulating to get a chance to discuss the COP21 decisions in our classes for example our Climate Change Economics class and truly understand the implications of the agreement that had been signed just weeks before.

A truly international network

I truly recommend the Sustainability and Social Innovation program to anyone who is interested in those fields. While it might sound like a cliché, my favorite part of the SASI program is how international our student group is; we already represent 20+ countries and each one of us comes from such a diverse background which can only lead to great discussions.

A practical program

Moreover, the setup of the program is different from anything I have experienced before; the program consists of a very intense nine months which not only include seminars and classes, but also a consulting project and a study trip. This offers us a way to step out of the classroom and actually use our skills in the real world. This year, our class picked Cuba as our destination for the study trip, which we are all extremely excited about. Cuba is a country that is going through big changes right now, and we cannot wait to go there and see it in action!

Testimonial published on February 10