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TEDx holds ‘avant-garde thinking’ Conference in HEC Paris

24 Sep 2014

A TEDx event is coming to HEC Paris and taking place on 26 September (2pm-7:30pm). This year, a panel of 14 distinguished speakers will come together to discuss ‘avant-garde thinking’ and its relevance to today’s world (Buy your tickets here).

TEDx HEC Paris avant garde thinking

There is an exciting variety of panelists this year, among whom there will be an archaeologist, an astronaut, an art expert, a climate specialist, and business leaders including Nathalie Meusy, Head of Sustainable Development at the European Space Agency, Kristell Schuber, Marketing Director at Google, Alberto Alemanno, Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris, Quentin Rosso, a 16-year-old blogger, and Saniye Gülser Corat, Director of Gender Equality at UNESCO.

So, why avant-garde thinking? "Nowadays, the term 'avant-garde' is associated with ideas which fascinate or inspire Man: innovation, the future, genius, creativity, pioneering. Avant-garde thinking itself takes on a more ethereal dimension. It helps us to dream, thanks to the work of certain proponents: these philosophers, scientists, artists and others see beyond the present, and want to construct our future.” says Paolin Pascot, who organised the event.
This year there will be a new feature which is the ‘innovation ecosystem’.

A start-up village with 15 innovative businesses, such as robotics, connectivity, interpersonal services, will be at the event as well as a FabLab and a street artist who will perform throughout the day.


  •   Nathalie Meusy, Head of Sustainable Development, European Space Agency
  •   Charles-Edouard Vincent, Founder and Director of Emmaus Défi, Affiliated Professor at HEC Paris
  •   Kristell Schuber, Marketing Director, Google
  •   Alberto Alemanno, Professor at HEC Paris
  •   Ousama Ammar, Serial entrepreneur and founder of The Family
  •   Quentin Rosso, 16 year-old blogger
  •   Corentin de Chatelperron, Founder of Gold of Bengal
  •   Gulser Corat, Director Division for Gender Equlity, UNESCO
  •   Lea A. Deleris, Research Staff Member and Manager, IBM Dublin Research Lab
  •   Elizabeth Markevitch, Founder & CEO,
  •   Giada Di Stefano, Professor at HEC Paris
  •   Richard Talens, Founder, Fitocracy
  •   Marc André Allard, Innovation Director, Dragon Rouge


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About TED: TED is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the spreading of ideas through the power of speech. Its mission is to bring people from all over the world a deeper understanding of our planet through speeches from inspiring thinkers, bringing avant-garde ideas to discussions. The TEDx community is one of TED’s projects, but is run independently on a community level under a free license from TED. These TEDx events share the same mission to spread ideas and cover all topics from science to business.