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The 45th Annual Jump HEC Competition

07 Jun 2015

The 45th Annual Jump HEC Horse Show was held on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June 2015, on the campus of HEC Paris. Each year, the equestrian competition features some of the most highly skilled riders in France, at an exceptional venue.


Once more, Jump HEC has brought an impressive equestrian competition to HEC’s campus. This year’s event had the honor of being sponsored by José Letarte, the twelve-time winner of France’s Disabled Show Jumping championships.

The show featured fifteen challenges of varying difficulty (preliminary, amateur, pro, and derby). The amateur tasks, which comprised half the competition, took place on an expanse of grass highly celebrated in the french equestrian community. The most spectacular part of the weekend, however, was without a doubt the derby and pro challenges, as expert riders conquered a variety of natural obstacles with apparent ease.

Jump HEC President Laure Goursat has seen the competition grow substantially in recent years, most notably through the signing of new partnerships and a steep increase in funding. The contest has hugely benefited from the generosity of its sponsors, Malakoff Médéric and BMW. Offering free entry, Laure noted, has played a key role in the show’s success.

After the event, the student expressed thanks to the whole Jump HEC team for making the show possible. Marked by diversity, the organization team includes both French and international students from the Grande Ecole, MSc, and MBA programs, united by a passion for horsemanship.

The bustling energy of the competition invigorated both participants and spectators, while various stands invited the public to discover the most recent innovations in the field.

Jump HEC also recently co-organized a conference with the National Association of Directors of Human Resources (ANDRH) on confidence in the workplace, drawing inspiration from the relationship between horse and rider. The conference included a team challenge between groups of human resources directors, professional horseback riders, and HEC Paris students.

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