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Entrepreneur’s startup spotlight: Lampion

19 Sep 2016

HEC Paris alumnus Charles Girault developed a solution to track and manage people’s subscriptions 

Lampion startup HEC Paris incubator

Who are you?

We are a team of 3 co-founders including one former business lawyer who is a recent graduate from HEC Entrepreneurs and two web developers trained at 42 School.

What is Lampion?

Lampion is your subscriptions platform, allowing effortless tracking of recurring spending, and access to the subscriptions catalogue to browse market and friends’ recommendations.

Why this project?

Lampion is being built so that you may:
- Waste less time looking around to compare offers, and get insightful recommendations based on referrals from your friends and what other users say;
- Easily track your spending to make sure you only pay for what you actually use; and
- Waste no more time managing your subscriptions
Register for your free access at and start fully enjoying subscriptions!

Why did you choose the HEC Incubator?

End of March we completed the Digital Entrepreneurship program organized by HEC Paris and 42 School and felt HEC's Incubator would be ideal to carry on our project while continuing to benefit from a great network and coaching among promising startups. So we applied and were lucky enough to get in!

What are your expectations?

We are working hard to execute our ambitious development plan and bring out Lampion for everyone to freely use. After an alpha version opened to a few friends in June, we spent the summer conceiving the architecture of the platform and designing the user experience. Our beta should be released to our registered testers early October and we plan on continuing to develop it to make sure Lampion fits the needs and desires of its users.

What's for now the best advice/anecdote you've got from your incubator experience?

Time flies! I barely realize it has already been 4 months since we started. And yet, a lot happened within that timeframe for all incubees. We met more than 20 mentors and entrepreneurs in residence who challenged our projects and provided valuable help.
We organized weekly lunches between incubees and started getting to know each other (26 new projects involving around 60 busy people). Finally, we bootstrapped our way together into the big Viva Technology event using very limited resources to craft the fanciest pavilion.
A lot of work has been done, some projects stopped. If I had to give other entrepreneurs some advice, it would be to keep faith and desire in what you do and work with people you trust and with whom you share vision. And don’t forget to have fun!