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Entrepreneur's Startup Spotlight: SPARTAN

19 Jan 2017

HEC Paris alumnus Arthur Ménard is working on preserving men’s health


Arthur Ménard, graduate of HEC Paris Master in Management - Entrepreneurship specialization 2015, is the founder of SPARTAN. He joined HEC Incubator in May 2016.
SPARTAN is a stylish high-tech boxer brief that protects your health and fertility.
A number of recent studies tend to show that men who keep phones in their pocket experience a very strong reduction in fertility (close to 50% decrease in sperm production for men caring their phones in their pockets for more than 4 hours per day) as well as a potential increase in the risk of developing testicle cancer.
The Spartan Boxer Brief is the first well-designed high-tech male undergarment that blocks over 99% of all cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.
The SPARTAN briefs are designed in Paris for ultimate comfort and an exceptional fit.
The company was crowdfunded in early 2016 and currently sells its products at

Why did you choose the HEC Incubator?

We chose the HEC Incubator for the program specifically geared towards very young startups and its links to the HEC community and network.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the HEC Incubator?

From the HEC Incubator, we mainly expect to be able to develop a genuine sense of camaraderie between all of the other startups and to benefit from each other’s experiences and networks

What has been the best anecdote you've heard during your experience at the HEC Incubator so far to date?

It’s hard to pick just one. I guess a fun anecdote is when another startup came back from a coaching session offered by the incubator saying that they spent the hour talking about… us. The coach in their session was really into SPARTAN and was really insistent that we do a session with him - which ended up being one of the best coaching sessions we’ve ever done!

SPARTAN was one of the top 10 most talked about brands at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) in Las Vegas.

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