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Entrepreneur’s startup spotlight: Kobus Tech

27 Jan 2017

HEC Paris alumna Laura Beaulier wants to digitalize the rehabilitation sector


from left to right: Sonia Perelroizen, Laura Beaulier

My name is Laura Beaulier and I am one of the three co-founders of the start-up Kobus Tech.
I graduated in May 2016 from HEC Paris after doing the Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship (where I met one of my associates: Sonia Perelroizen).

What is Kobus App?

We want to bring the rehabilitation and physiotherapy into the digital age to optimize patient care. We are starting off by developing an app that makes it easier for physiotherapists to keep track of their patients:

Thanks to Kobus App, physiotherapists can:

  • save time when working with their patients
  • access all of their patients’ data in one place, wherever they are
  • analyze the progress of the treatment
  • facilitate communication with patients and doctors.

After 3 months of beta-testing with 100 physiotherapists, we are officially launching the first version to be available on the market on February 15th!

Why did you choose the HEC Incubator?

We chose the HEC incubator because we wanted to continue to be part of the HEC community and retain the network of connections that comes with it, which had already proven to be very helpful when we launched our startup at the end of our Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship.

What are your goals for growing your start-up in the future?

We believe that e-health has a real potential to improve well-being today but, to achieve this, technology and innovation must be at the service of those who use it and must ensure that the staff-patient relationship remains the key priority.
That's why we aim at developing sotfwares that have an impact on the daily life of health practitioners, patients and on the healthcare system as a whole.

What are your links with the HEC community?

The HEC network is always very helpful but on our specific field of physiotherapy, I did not expect to be able to find any relevant contacts, but I was wrong!
At a pitching event organized by the HEC Alumni Entrepreneurship Hub, we met the CEO of Eona Lab (a firm that sells massage and medical oils for physiotherapists only). After my pitch, he came to see me and asked me if I would be interested in working together.

What has been the best anecdote you've got from your incubator experience so far?

A mentor from the incubator once told us: "you know what makes your team and your project really good? The fact that you work on the ground and that you take the time to get to know your users. Don't stop doing this and make sure you show it when you pitch your project, it will help you to progress.”
And the day after, we won the first prize (20 000€!) of a pitch competition with the Foundation Le Roch Les Mousquetaires.

Since we started this adventure, we've learnt a lot, especially about the e-health sector and app development. This has given us the chance to gain understanding of things such as: the creation of user value, co-conception, lean development and the digitalization of a profession. We'd love to share our experiences with any aspiring entrepreneurs.