Digital Transformation Why this certificate

Training the consultants and managers of the digital economy.


All large organizations deal with a major strategic issue: Adapting and embracing the digital economy. Although startups will always be an innovative force in e-business, the major issue in e-business is the way the remaining 95% of the economy will –or will not– cope with the digital challenge.

Large companies, whatever their sector of activities (BtoC or BtoB, industry or service), have to face new customer behaviors, new ways of relating with customers, multi and mobile channels, the revolution of the media landscape as well as the growing influence of social media, new competition from pure players with challenging business models, the question mark of big data, the issue of integrating digital native managers and employees...

The question for these companies is no longer whether they must go digital, but how to do it.

For HEC students, the present situation represents a huge opportunity either as consultants in the consulting industry, or as managers in whatever function they are (finance, marketing, HR, production and so on): Opportunities to learn, experiment, take up stimulating challenges and make a difference in companies where expectations are high.

The brand new Certificate Digital Transformation copes with this issue through lectures, testimonials from top managers from diverse companies, and several projects – the largest part of the program– that will immerse students in the various aspects of digital transformation. The Certificate is developed through the close relationship with large leading companies, as well as the collaboration of key consulting companies.

chaired by...

  • Specialized consulting companies
  • Large consumer good companies
  • Luxury good companies
  • Large industrial BtoB companies
  • Large service and financial companies