Luxury Program Details

The curriculum

The program consists of different blocks in order to provide students with a comprehensive view of luxury business and of the Kering way of luxury management.

Core Courses

Core courses are taught by renowned faculty members to instruct students about the foundations of luxury management:

  • The essence of luxury – Jean-Noel Kapferer, Professor of Marketing, HEC Paris
  • Managing a global luxury brand – Patrick Albaladejo, Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris
  • Luxury and digital – Kristine de Valck, Associate Professor of Marketing, HEC Paris
  • Prestige business game – Alain Roux, Professor of Economics, Aix-Marseille II

Industry Focus

Industry Focus are taught by professionals or faculty with particular expertise in a luxury domain.

The underlying idea of these elective courses is that brand leadership takes different forms and requires different approaches in specific fields:

  • Fashion Culture
  • Luxury Hospitality
  • Timepieces and Jewelry

Kering Seminars

Top management from Kering corporate together with top management from the Kering brands will share with the Certificate participants their vision and experience in luxury management across a wide range of business functions. This seminar series allows participants to gain a holistic understanding of all that it takes to lead a luxury brand to excellence.

Topics may include:

  • Financial management in the luxury business
  • Luxury Merchandising
  • Sustainability in luxury management
  • Empowering talent & embracing diversity
  • Intellectual property and counterfeiting
  • Luxury and digital storytelling
  • ...

Kering Expeditions

Expeditions allow participants to gain field experience with the luxury brand and what goes on there behind-the-scenes.In these expeditions, meetings and exchanges between the participants and the people leading the brand are key as we firmly believe that human relationships play a big role in empowering imagination.

Expeditions may include:

  • Visit to an atelier
  • Visit to a flagship store
  • ...

Kering Consulting Project

A core element of the Certificate is the Kering Consulting Project that offers participants the opportunity to work in groups on a Kering luxury case and to recommend innovative and efficient solutions to real-life management issues backed up with sufficient data, analysis, and insight. 

The objective is to apply the knowledge the students have learned in the certificate as well as to further promote their strategic and creative thinking around luxury management.

The 2016 Consulting Project focused on Kering’s eyewear distribution strategy in the context of the “Re-launch project”, with particular attention to the new Gucci Eyewear Collection.

Academic Team