Mergers & Acquisitions Program Details


  • Legal: share purchase agreements, due diligence, anti-trust, tender offers rules
  • Finance: valuation, merger models, financing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions and financial theory: M&A and value creation, agency theory, free cash flow theory
  • Strategy: Corporate strategy, Rational for external growth, Joint ventures
  • Elephant transctions: Give visibility to our partner in the program
  • LBOs: fund raising, Structuring of LBO (financing), Management package, Monitoring of participations, LBO modeling
  • Corportae approach to Mergers and Acquisitions: identification of targets, organization of due diligence, post merger integration, E&C issues
  • Human Ressources: due diligence HR, retention issues, culture, post merger integration
  • Tax: DD, tax structuring tax heavens.

Academic team


  • Yann Le Fur, Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris
  • Michael Loy, Affiliate Professor, Executive Director of the International Law and Management specialized master, HEC Paris
  • Pascal Quiry, Affiliate Professor, HEC Paris
  • Rodolphe Durand, Professor, HEC Paris

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