Mergers & Acquisitions Why this certificate


  • Mergers & Acquisitions 'remains' of high interest for HEC students. The industry is cyclical but is clearly recovering
  • Position in M&A are one of the leading first jobs for HEC graduates (investment bank, strategy consultants, transaction services, law firms, corporates, …)
  • There is limited education offer for postgraduate in that area.

Open to all students but some clear adequacy with Strategic management, International finance and Law. Students with one specialty (Finance, Strategy, Law) will take all lectures but those of their specialty.


  • The aim is to bring you a multidisciplinary understanding of M&A (finance, strategy, legal, tax, HR, …)
  • Provide quality education for future professionals of the sector and more generally familiarize students with M&A as they will undoubtedly be faced with such a  situation in their career