Entrepreneurship - The Start-up Studio Key features

Our ambition is to facilitate your understanding of the key strategic, technical, commercial, financial, and human issues linked to the creation or development of a start-up or a traditional business.

Etienne Krieger and Frédéric Iselin, Academic Directors, the Start-up Studio.

Why This Program?

Infographie key features Entrepreneurship Start-up Studio HEC Paris
  • Created and taught by leading HEC Paris Professors
  • Real life cases
  • Accessible to students of all backgrounds who wish to learn more about entrepreneurship, with or without a definite project
  • Full spectrum of entrepreneurship’s aspects: management, marketing, strategy, finance, human resources
  • High-level courses to master knowledge and know-how indispensable for the creation of a start-up (entrepreneurial spirit, market studies, networking, fundraising…
  • Unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with diverse peers as part of student work group
  • Real life experience: final presentation to jury of renowned professionals.

A program rooted in current economic realities

Entrepreneurship is a mix of all disciplines. Experience has shown that successful ventures require an understanding of management essentials, in particular, marketing, strategy, human resources, and finance, but also the knowledge to leverage best practices gained by skilled entrepreneurs. This is the philosophy of the Summer School program Entrepreneurship - The Start-Up Studio.

This intensive program is designed for participants who are tempted by an entrepreneurial endeavor, as well as young entrepreneurs with a concrete business idea in mind.

As part of the HEC Summer School program Entrepreneurship – The Start-up Studio, students will share their experiences and contribute to the development of new business ideas. HEC professors will ensure that participants leave the program with a thorough understanding of the critical concepts and tools required by a wide range of start-ups ranging from digital innovation and high technology to customer service among others.

Students will be coached in teams on the development of their specific business plans. At program close, participants will present their business plans to the class, and receive final feedback from professors.